HELP !Jumbo Classic - Too Large? Evening Bag?

  1. There's only 1 day left before the price increase, and now i m thinkint whether i should order a jumbo, since my large black caviar classic can barely fit my long wallet and keys together !

    here is one thing that i m concerned with, i m short around 5''2 , would jumbo be too large on me ? also, would Jumbo flap be too large to carry around as an evening bag ???

    Please help me !:shame:
  2. I'd say the Jumbo might be too big for your's really wide for me (168cm), but it could be b/c of my narrow shoudler. Did you get a chance to try out in store? What do YOU think of it? As long as you like it, other's opinion shouldn't be that much of a concern, besides it's Chanel we are talking about, just can't go wrong w/it darling:graucho: Oh, and have you see the new Denim Cabas? It's soo cute, but i like structured bags.
  3. Classic Chic : There are no stores that carry Chanel nearby at all !!! I always order via phone only. So can only wait until then. Because the bag was found in Locator, so I could still have a chance to stop it tomorrow before I regret. But then again, it's like only $100> Large Classic, and provides EXTRA ROOM... i don't know ... Give me your honest opinion plzzzz

    *also I have the Pink Large for Asethetics* and a small black caviar... should i take the practicality or stick with the Large Black caviar ?

    sorry if the above doesn't make sense, i have been lack of sleep for more than 20 hrs-_-
  4. IMO the jumbo is much too large for an evening bag. This is unfortunate as I was hoping I could use mine for a formal occassion (it's black caviar with silver HW) but it's simply too big.
  5. mademefifi: since i m still @ school, there are really no dinners for me to go at all ...but i was just thinking long term investment-wise.

    So do you think it's okay to wear a Baby Pink Large Classic to dinner/evening event ? Would it be too immature or bright???
  6. i think the jumbo might be a bit too large to use as an evening bag. i would think the medium would be more likely to be an evening bag compared to the jumbo size.
    but if you love larger bags b/c they'll fit the items you want to carry, then i would stick to the jumbo regardless of whether it's too large as an evening bag. if you love it, you'll figure out some way to carry it at night and convert it into an evening bag. it may not be as formal as a medium lambskin, but imo any bag in the classic flap is timeless.

    heh this post may not help you at all in deciding the answer to your question. :p
  7. Thanks Lilbluebear , I do have a lot of Big Bags !!!

    Just curious, would a Baby Pink Classic be too informal as an evening bag for high-table dinners?

  8. Black would definitely be nice (standard)...i like jumbo cos it is roomy ..fits in everything..the only problem i've now i want it in light beige or white (try not to get any more black chanel bag)..but our boutique only have it in black & gold hardware..only 1 chanel boutique here...:yucky:
  9. I think the Jumbo is too large to be a future evening bag; it definitely looks like a tote bag on us petite women, and a tote is a casual style.

    But, if your bank account/credit card permits, why don't you order it (I'd suggest the silver hardware if you have a choice) and see what you think of it in person -- you might decide to make the Jumbo a day-to-day bag & then return 1 of the other 2 which are already on their way. (I think Chanel has a 14-day return policy on their phone orders?)

    I can see why you're wondering about the pink as an investment, odds are you might decide on down the line that it's too "girly" for you. But if it "speaks" to you now and gives you much pleasure, I'd say go for it... the caviar holds up so well that you should be able to sell it whenever you're ready to part with it.
  10. My daughter just tried on my jumbo classic last night and she's 5' 3". It looked great on her. I'm 5' 10" and really love either the large or jumbo size.

    I don't think it's appropriate for a formal evening bag. I use a small/medium for special times.

    I'm also going to use this last day before price hikes to get my chanel wallet.
  11. Thanks everyone ! I decided i would just let it come and see what it looks like on me... and if i don't know it, i would just send it back :smile:
  12. Remember to post a picture!! :yes::yes::yes:
  13. I plan on using my jumbo as an evening bag for dinner, cocktails, parties etc. However, I would not use it with a evening gown or formal attire.
  14. bellabags , don't worry... i think it's too baggy to pair with formal gowns too! being $ savvy, esp. after reading the $555 incrase on this jumbo, i just couldn't resist to order one..

    my $ account is drained -_-
  15. I am 5ft-3" and I have the jumbo caviar and wear it all the time., would not wear it with formal gowns, but then again, I don't wear long formals much anymore....I love the size of it.