Help! Juicy Couture dilemma...

  1. Ugh, I hate when this happens. Neiman Marcus had this Juicy hoodie in Grant Brown in my my size, XL (post-baby belly, girls). But they didn't have the matching pants in my size. OK. So had the pants but not the hoodie. Placed that order. Went to place NM order and's gone!

    If anyone comes across this hoodie in Grant Brown in XL at a sale price, could you please let me know? Thanks!
  2. did you try revolve? I think they are matching shop epic 30% off or someone else's 25% off.
  3. They don't have it... :sad:
  4. try eBay? they usually have a lot of juicy separates - just beware of fakes.
  5. I'll check with Cindy from It's not on the website, but she's been so nice to us here, maybe he is getting it in.
    I'll get back to you....

    Oh...and she's giving all of the purse forum members 20% off until December 31. Promotion code: thepurseforum
  6. Bummer- try I bought mine there.
  7. I had a similar problem - ended up buying the jacket from, and the pants from eBay. Try doing a search of sites that currently have codes, you can probably find it that a last resort, you can always check Nordstrom Rack in a month or two...good luck!
  8. sorry this happened to you. I hate it too...Like shoes I bought last week is now $60 cheaper but no use because none available anywhere near my size! sigh...
  9. Ugh, this always happens to me! Then I am off on a wild goose chase for months until I can complete a set. I've seen it at RafaelHawaii, Revolve, Epic, and Nordstrom, but none in your size -- I'll keep my eyes out for it while shopping, though. You may just want to contact Revolve or Nordstrom to see if they can order your size for you if you want it that badly :yes:
  10. Hey Bagatella....I checked around for you, but I can't find that particular hoodie.
  11. thanks for this coupon code! :tup:

  12. You're welcome! :heart:
  13. Ever run into a problem where the dye was slightly off when you get the seperates from two different sites? Happened twice to me so now I just get them at the same store. I shopped at that one site mentioned above, shirelyandcompany, but didn't have luck with the sizes available. Wound up buying a ton of their accessories though. Never realized there were so many available. The jewelry was a pleasant surprise for the price. Wound up getting a ton of holiday gifts out of the way. See they have swimwear too but didn't spend much time looking through it yet. :tup:
  14. you guys, the all juicy velour is 25% off through today at saks. if you can't get to one, maybe do a charge send (if you know what color/style you're looking for) just to get it and then return if you don't like it (just to get the deal).

    i was at the houston location yesterday (mid-afternoon), and they had a nice variety of sizes left in most colors, and track jackets, hoodies, and short sleeve hoodies. it's only the velour stuff that is on promotion.
  15. Not certain if this is it, but Meringue Boutique has a Grant hoodie...