Help! JUC thin ring or JUC bracelet as birthday gift to myself?

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Which should I get for my birthday?

  1. Thin JUC ring in YG

  2. Thin JUC bracelet in YG

  1. As a birthday treat to myself, I'd like to get a JUC thin ring in YG or JUC thin bracelet in YG. The ring is beautiful and obviously less expensive (so I feel less guilty!), but I love the bracelet, too. I tried them both on in the store and couldn't decide. Please help me make a choice! I already have:
    • Plain Love Bracelet in YG
    • JUC Bracelet in WG with diamonds.
    • Love Ring in YG with one diamond.
    • Plain Love Ring in YG.
    • Love Ring in YG with 3 diamonds.
    Thank you!
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  2. I voted for the thin juc bracelet, but I may be biased as I just bought it for myself as my birthday treat recently. I ask love the way the thin juc looks when stacked with the classic love.
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