Help! JUC diamond or no diamond

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  1. I don‘t have either but do also have the plain regular thickness ring. Was planning to get the JUC with diamonds very you have me wondering if I shouldn‘t get one with and one without for casual vs. dressy wear.....what did you finally decide htkt?
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    Here’s a few pictures of both I hope it will those of you who are still undecided make up your mind. I didn’t take my Love bracelet off because I don’t have the screwdriver with me right now and many of you will stack the JUC with it anyways.
    If you would like pictures of the JUC alone, I’ll do it on my other arm. Let me know. Hope they help! :smile:

    P.S. I think my Love is a size 15, the YG JUC size 16 and WG JUC size 17. Just FYI, in case you notice they do not fit me the same way.

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  3. Here’s a picture in better lighting for plain vs sparkle comparison...

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  4. I'm torn as well. Both look beautiful on you! Lets us know what you decide!
  5. Sorry for the lack of update. Work has been crazy for me recently.

    Thanks for all the inputs! :heart::heart::heart: I've decided to go with diamond one!

    The no diamond one probably fits my casual style better, but the little bling (honestly not so noticable from afar, and not worth the price diff) does make me slightly happier whenever I looked at it. Most importantly, it's a gift from my dh, and he likes the diamond one more on me. That being said, I did fall in love with stacking 2 JUCs (Thanks Cartier Ads). So I plan to get a plain one (maybe RG) myself someday to celebrate the next milestone in life. :smile:

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  6. I did go back to the store and tried stacking with the Love bracelet. For those who are interested in the difference, here are some pictures. No idea why the boutique put sticker on the love bracelet. LOL.

    IMG_8403.jpg IMG_8404.jpg
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  7. My God. The diamond JUC looks super gorgeous. I was eyeing on it but I decided to get the YG diamond love first lol
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  8. Hah, I think JUC is gonna look gorgeous stacking with diamond love!

    I’ve been eying on the love one for years, but since I do indoor rock climbing regularly, it’s too inconvenient. *facepalm*
  9. The sticker is probably to prevent the bracelet from getting scratched, since so many people like to try them on with other bracelets, watches, etc.

    Enjoy your new JUC. It looks great on you!
  10. Great choice!
    I prefer the one with diamonds. Looks absolutely gorgeous on you!
    I just got one in rose gold with diamonds.
    I will have to post a pic when I have time.
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  11. Yeah just first time seeing them do this.

    Thank you so much for your help! I love love your Cartier collection, especially the WG double and XL! But I seriously think I should try the serpenti bracelet. ;)
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  12. Congrats!!! RG was my first choice but it didn’t work on my skin tone. :sad:
  13. Thank you and you’re very welcome! :blush:
    It’s so hard to decide that I’m happy to help.
    That serpenti is a showstopper. If big sparkles is what you’re after, look no further!!!

    If stacking is what you’re after, then Hermès can add some variety to the mix with the CDC and the Kelly bracelet.
    Boucheron also has a stunning one called Quatre Radiant in all white gold or half yellow/half white or all gold.
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