Help! JUC diamond or no diamond

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  1. aw shucks... thanks a bunch. You deserve a stack that would put everyone on this forum to drool over.
  2. The 'Orange Slope' you say ? Please edify me on the 'Orange Slope'... Nice decision on the Love bracelet... which one are you pinning over, the full, the cuff, the mini, diamonds, no diamond, white gold, yellow gold ? Inquiring minds want to know. lol
  3. full speed ahead... tread lightly... GOD speed... happy trails to you... Your Love bracelet will work for everything... wear it with pride and confidence... It's a game changer... you'll see... you will never take it off. and why should you ?
  4. me too... photo and post asap !
  5. I would love to see modeling pics of the YG XL JUC. I’ve never seen it in person but I bet it’s stunning .
  6. The diamonds on these bracelets are nothing to write home about. Trust me!
    When I tried the Serpenti on, the diamonds on my JUC looked :tdown:
    Mind you, the Serpenti has almost 3 cts of diamonds, the thin pavè Love .89 cts and it’s about £6,000 more
  7. Here’s the XL JUC :smile:
    (Not as big as it looks in the pictures, but I can only take ‘selfies’)
    36AB3611-C13A-445A-B852-9ABE04C7F470.jpeg 0C2111C3-814B-4580-998A-4D4DA286047D.jpeg
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  8. Tried it on once... we had a very hard time unlatching the latch to open the bracelet so to be safe as I wasn’t going to leave with it we didn’t fully secure it on my arm... haha
  9. I don’t have a hard time opening and closing it. Maybe it’s because mine is not iced out lol
  10. Blondissima777 Thank you. It is stunning
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  11. Thank you, Canturi :smile:
    I think they make very few of them. Everytime I wanted to see them at a different C, they didn’t have one available. When I was finally ready, they had to fly one in.
    Also, I’ve been to places like Bulgari and Audemars Piguet in big cities and they had never seen one in person. I was very surprised, since they have a very high end clientele.
    I’m happy they do not make that many :smile:
  12. personally I like the one with the diamond but the prices diff is huge.
  13. Diamond will make me happier lol
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  14. The diamond JUC is stunning. However for everyday wear i prefer the plain JUC. I also wear it with my love and stack them 24/7. They go perfectly with my work outfits and then look great when I'm walking my dogs etc. I just prefer the casual look but it's really about personal preference and lifestyle. Good luck with this very exciting decision :smile:
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  15. I have it with the diamonds. It makes it more feminine imo