Help! JUC diamond or no diamond

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  1. depends on lifestyle... I am kind of rough with my pieces, maybe it's a man thing, but I would be mortified if I knocked out a diamond. I have the non diamond version... to me the Love bracelet represents the pure side of love and intimacy... and the JUC represents the raw side of love and intimacy... I am trying to be P.G. here. The JUC is the edgier side.
  2. Honestly I normally opt "no diamond" for JUC, but on you specifically I think the diamond version stands out more.
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  3. I concur...
  4. if money is in the consideration, i will prefer no diamond and save up for another JUC. two JUC stacking together is perfect.

    however if money is not an issue, get the diamond one ~ u can add another one for stacking
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  5. No diamond
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  6. Things that were never said:
    "Go with plain, who needs diamonds?" - Marilyn Monroe
    "Really, why bother with diamonds?" - Coco Chanel
    "I'm not into exercise. If God wanted me to exercise, he'd have put plain yellow gold with no diamonds at all on the floor." - Joan Rivers
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  7. I just saw your post in Cartier in Action. That stack is dreamy!
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  8. #23 Jan 2, 2019
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    For the 1st one, without. You can see the design better without the diamonds than with them. Buy the 2nd one with diamonds and buy it in white gold that way all you see is sparkles, but it’s less distracting on the design than diamonds on the other gold colors...

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  9. Thank you so very much... can you believe I still want more ? lol
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  10. I naively thought only the orange slope is slippery...having a hard time deciding this but already planning to get a love bracelet, too
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  11. They are gorgeous on you! I think I'm probably only going to get one JUC, but planning to get love bracelet next, maybe a mini one to stack some day, too.
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  12. Lucky that I got the green light from my dh. (I'm having a little hard time justifying for the price difference myself. lol)
    The biggest factor is probably the style as I normally dress very casual to work and weekends.
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  13. I think so, too. Hence the struggle is real. XD
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  14. Thank you, htkt!
    My first was the yellow gold one because you can see the design the most. I chose a YG Love with 4 diamonds for the bit of bling instead, then the YG XL JUC, then the double WG and diamond JUC.
    If you like the diamond one, I’d get the WG. Again, because it sparkles and you can see the design the best, but it’s up to you :smile:
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  15. Would love to see a pic of your XL JUC
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