Help! JUC diamond or no diamond

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  1. I’m new to Cartier and so far only own a JUC YG ring with no diamonds.

    I’m looking to add a JUC bracelet into my collection but keep going back n forth between the plain YG vs YG with diamonds.

    I like the plain matches my ring and it’s simple and chic, more of a everyday look. However, it’s so hard to say no to the diamond one.

    Added some pictures for reference. Please send help!

    P.S. I do plan to add the classic love bracelet to stack some day.

  2. Congratulations on your JUC ring!!! How great that you can add to it.
    I may be representing the minority here, but I like the JUC better without diamonds. It depends what look you are going for. IMHO the JUC wihout diamonds looks a bit "younger" and more appropriate for daily wear. Of course, in the end it all depends on your dress style and personal preference.
    Good luck and enjoy whatever you chose!
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  3. I prefer without. It’s an edgy piece and, to me, the diamonds compete with that.
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  4. I too prefer the look of it without diamonds. For some reason the plain gold adds to the utilitarian look of a functional screw bracelet. I also would like to point out that I am matchy matchy so I would love that the plain would match my ring perfectly!
  5. I am eyeing a rg JUC bracelet with diamond for 2019. I am committed to get the one with diamond because I will not be stacking this bracelet but just wear it solo. If I were to stack it, I would get one without diamonds.
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  6. Thanks for all the comments. Just when I’m leaning towards no diamond, my hubby says the diamond one looks nicer. Why is it so hard? :sad:
  7. I don't think I'm going to make it any easier because I prefer the look with the diamonds! I think the diamonds actually work because they're kind of incongruous (in a good way). I like the juxtaposition against this utilitarian, hardware looking bracelet. The diamonds soften the look a little bit and I actually think makes it more suitable for everyday. It will still match your ring, just with a little bit more glam :smile:
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  8. I much prefer the diamonds but I think the piece difference is so huge. If you can afford the diamonds I’d go with that because it’s so much more feminine.
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  9. I prefer the one with diamonds though the price difference is rather huge. I used to think the one without diamonds looks a bit plain and really like I'm putting a nail on my wrist (just my personal opinion).
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  10. With diamonds look a bit more softer, more feminine. Without diamonds was the original design. Will you be stretching your budget a lot if you went with diamonds? The price difference is huge.
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  11. I like it better with diamonds. However, unless money is no object, I don't think the increase in price is worth it for the amount of diamonds added.
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  12. Ha that’s exactly what my hubby said. Lol
  13. I prefer the diamonds, always. Like another poster said, it gives it a softer, more feminine look.
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  14. I prefer with diamonds- love the look of it much more.
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  15. I too prefer the one with diamonds. In my opinion the non-diamond just looks a little too masculine for my taste. But it’s really to each individual’s style
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