Help john lewis mitzy messenger

  1. Hi ladies I have £120 worth of John Lewis vouchers for christmas and get 25% off so am looking to buy a Mitzy Messenger in black. If anyone spots one in their John Lewis please can you let me know xxx:biggrin:
  2. Hi nlichtman, I've always found JL very helpful. If there is something that they normally stock just phone them up and ask if they can do a search of stock availability in all their stores for you - it helps if you know the stock number. I've just received two pairs of boots from them by doing that and they were on sale :yahoo:
  3. I work for JL lol and do not have the stock number which is a pain.

    I get 25% discount off Mulberry and have £120 worth of vouchers so Mitzy will be a steal x
  4. N, they had one in the JL store in Kingston honey, a couple of weeks before Christmas :smile: definitely worth a call to the store there, its on the ground floor xxx
  5. I would constantly be broke with that sort of discount at my fingertips!! I was in JL Leicester recently, but they don't do mulberry so there wasn't one there. Good luck finding one!
  6. I don't know which branch you work in, but I'm planning to go to Oxford St on Tuseday. Do you want me to have a look?
  7. Any branch of John Lewis can search all their stores for stock by item name.
    ( I've had a life time of doing it :p )

    Good luck N !
  8. I was just about to say a very similar thing!

    My sister had the hayden shoulder in the bronze colour and I admired it. I found out she had bought it from JL so rang them up and they could not have been more helpful (I didn't even call it bronze, I said it was a shimmery gold colour!) They found the item number and did a search of the stores to find out who stocked it.

    I rang the branch in question and they posted out to me free of charge, beautifully packed. I was so impressed with the service they gave, especially when I gave them such vague information to begin with.

    Good luck!
  9. Excellent thanks all, Sme if you can check that would be great! Jools I will call and check x

  10. Ahhh that explains the discount :blush: Hopefully they will be even more helpful to a 'partner' and find out the stock number for you. Fingers crossed and good luck with your search :biggrin:

    P.S. JL in Southampton didn't have any on the 27th Dec.
  11. No John Lewis stores seem to have Black should I buy Oak?
  12. can you ring them and see if they can get one for you- seems you want black really so might regret oak? Though I love both I use black a lot more
  13. They cannot get one and probably wont stock black : ( I think Oak it is well Friday if Bluewater have it x
  14. The Mitzy and Annie are the only bags I am after at the moment new styles just aren't doing it for me sadly x
  15. N, sorry to enable, but the tan is the best colour anyhow for the hobo!!! Honestly, it works with everything, and somehow looks even more expensive than the black in Mitzy so I would not hesitate to say go for it!

    Its one of the best bags EVER !!!!!! and I love it with jeans etc ...... go for it