Help - job interview dilemma

  1. On Monday I have a major, and I mean MAJOR job interview. It's basically a senior manager job reporting directly to the CEO and COO, etc. and leading some of their meetings.

    I'm a bit at a loss on the bag and have to work with what I have. I can't afford a new one right now -- cuz, uh, I just bought a pair of Pradas to go with my suit in spite of a ban by Mr. Bitty. :graucho:

    I don't really need to bring anything except perhaps a small notebook, a copy of my resume, the application that I'm giving to them, and a list of questions to ask. Nothing really worth toting a briefcase for. Suit is black and modern and shirt will be most likely purple silk.

    That said, I have:

    Coach soft sided all leather briefcase, in black
    Large Burgundy Muse
    Very small shoulder bag in Black leather and gray canvas - Lambertson Truex

    I think everything else is probably too casual.

    Help pls. :heart: I really, really want this job. Because that means more purses! Hooray!
  2. I think you should take the Muse. It'll a bit of color and it'll help brighten up your suit, it'll probably your purple silk shirt really nicely too. Good luck!
  3. The coach briefcase. I've noticed that men often don't understand why women tote large handbags, but they all understand a nice leather briefcase.
  4. Change the purple shirt to a deep reddish amber shell. The burgundy is a little darker than the shirt but it does blend.

    Mr. Bitty frowned and asked why I would take a briefcase to the interview. He interviews other managers and is a senior manager himself.

    I know, I'm stressing. I can't help it.
  5. maybe you should just bring your leather portfolio folder - if u only plan on bringing those items above
  6. Don't have one, and then wouldn't have anyplace to put keys, wallet, phone (have to drive there), PDA etc.
  7. Bitty- I also say go with the leather briefcase. I think in a job interview, understated is key with clothing (at least in corporate America). You want the focus to be on you and your skills, not on your clothing, purse, etc. That being said- use whatever will make you feel the most confident. When interviewing for law firms I was told to wear black suit with white button-down. I felt more confident in my pink shirt and grey suit, so that's what I would wear. Confidence is key!
  8. I know...that's why I'm trying to put together a fabulous outfit that's memorable but not outside the bounds of good taste. The good thing about my Muse is that unless you're a serious purse devotee, I don't think anyone will know what it is. I'm just concerned that my husband thinks it's weird to bring a briefcase but then again the boy needs help dressing himself.

    So does that mean you got your dream job in your unorthodox suit? :yes:
  9. I think any of the three you listed would be fine. In all honesty your bag probably won't be noticed at all. Make sure you have done all your research on the company and impress them with your knowledge. Good luck and let us know how you do!
  10. You have to carry something large enough to hold your resume unfolded. I'd say go for the soft-sided Coach briefcase, if you don't have a portfolio you can carry. I think an over-sized purse would be more inappropriate than a soft-sided briefcase.
    FWIW, I always wear a black skirt suit and a light blue collared shirt, long sleeved where possible. And black 2 inch heels. And no bare legs! Someone stopped me in the street once to compliment me on how professional I looked, but she didn't offer me a job sadly!
  11. I vote for the says classy and confident and smart. You'll be able to fit all the essentials in there plus your resume and notebook, and maybe even a small bottle of water.

    FWIW, I just went through this in May, also for a senior manager job, and wore almost exactly the same thing -- black modern suit with purple top. And...I got the job! Skills and experience are great, but IMO it is more about confidence than anything else. Wear what makes you feel best.
  12. My vote is for the Muse also.

  13. That sounds great! So, essentially it is a black skirt, black jacket and blue collared shirt? May I ask what brands you use for this outfit? (including the heels) I would love to replicate this outfit but am lost as to where to look

    Sorry to butt in!

    By the way, to the OP, IMO, the Coach briefcase is the best option. You need to have copies of your resume, and it looks professional. Also, I have heard that taking a small bitty bag to an interview gives off the impression that you're not "serious" and wont be serious on the job because all thats in your bag is a lipgloss and phone, as opposed to wearing a moderately sized briefcase that gives the message "hey im prepared", Ive got my resumes in here, a pen, a pencil, my agenda, and its all in this classy briefcase, and Im ready and raring to go, gimme the job!
  14. Gung, I think your outfit sounds gorgeous. How conservative is the company do you know? If it's in a conservative industry I would definitely go with the briefcase. If it's more creative then I would go with the Muse. I agree that men would be more likely to think "What a massive bag", than "What on earth is she carrying a briefcase for?".

    I have always taken a briefcase with me to interviews as I often have my laptop on me just in case. I think at the level of job you're going for, it would almost be expected!