Help Jill Out...need Opinion!lol!

  1. OK...I should TECHNICALLY post this in the wardrobe area...BUT since u all know me as GEN DISCUSSION MOD..Im gonna post this here!

    I decided to go to a black tie gala with phh(even though we arent together...)as a FAVOR.
    I bought 2 dresses...SJUNKY came with me and I couldnt decide!!!!!!!
    Im leaning towards the black gown

    Here are pics of the 2 gowns....I have KILLER black Jimmy Choos for the Black dress already bought..but If I go with the blue gown ..I gotta hightail it shopping and get silver shoes...sigh...ALL BY THIS SATURDAY!!!:nuts::wtf:
    What do u think...


    BLUE GOWN?????


  2. Blue
  3. Black gown is stunning! Much prefer it to the blue & you have the killer Choos!
  4. I like the black.....did I miss something??? What do you mean you're not with the phh?
  5. I love the black gown, although you look great in either one....but...
    I'm dying to know what BAG you will be carrying ?!!!
  6. BLUE!!!! Black will just blend in with everyone else!!! And you're a stand out baby! LOL
  7. I'd choose the black gown.
  8. I think the black looks better with your coloring, the blue is very pretty but it seems to wash you out a bit ... but of course you look fabulous in everything!
  9. Yes, I was thinking the everything OK Jill??
  10. Jill you look great in both. You would look great in a brown paper sack.

    Anyway, I love the black one on you. It is just stunning. Plus, you do have the choos.
  11. That black is stunning on your. Pop it with a colored clutch and you're set to go. I dunno if it's the angle, but it makes your *ahem* chest look really good. And 2nd what Lori said about the coloring.
  12. Im going to Saks to get the bag tomorrow...LOL..Ill let ya all know what i get..!!
    These r the JIMMY CHOOS I got at Saks!
  13. black! stunning!!!
  14. Gorgeous shoes!
  15. Wow , that black one is stunning , I love love love those shoes ! YOu look great in both but I love that black dress