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Help! Jennifer Aniston's black purse


New Member
Feb 13, 2006
I'm completely obsessed with the black purse that Jennifer Aniston is carrying in this week's Us Magazine. Does anyone know the brand and style? It has two handles and some braiding on the sides.


Jan 17, 2006
I've been obsessed with this bag too - for many months. I really think it's a Bottega - but I have yet to find it. It may be from last season. There's a large tote that's similar -

But this is the large version. Jennifer is carrying a smaller one. A few months ago, I even ripped out a page in a magazine (while getting a pedicure) because it had a great shot of it. But then the new Us comes, and she's still carrying the same bag!
Jan 10, 2006
^^ Addicted--that one is HUGE. It's bigger than my entire upper body and I'm not a little woman!


I want them all!
Sep 13, 2005
The Jennifer Anniston bag is no longer available. It is a Bottega Veneta from last year's resort collection and was very limited. I visited the SF BV store (and called several others including the outlet) in December to try to track one down. BV has a similar bag this season, but it is done in perforated leather and the handles are too short to fit over the shoulder. I saw this season's bag and was not impressed. All of the BV SAs I talked to said they have been innundated with calls about this bag for the past couple of months since Jen has been seen with it over and over. Perhaps they will realize the demand and make it again?? Sure hope so!