Help, jean dye transfer.

  1. SO I was wearing a newish pair of jeans, that I have only washed once or twice, but the dye of the jeans transfers onto my Vertical Lockit, at the bottom onto the leather part (the part that changes darker with time, I am not sure what this is actually called?) and making it turn blue.
    I am from the UK and I don't know if there is any special cleaner for the leather or if I should just use a bit of water.
    I got a "Tide - To Go" pen on my last visit to the USA and I've tried that on a tiny part of the leather to see if the blue would come off, but it doesn't seem to work.
    Is there anything I can do to help my poor bag :sad:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Well I just dug out the little information booklet that came with my bag and now realize that nothing can be done to help my poor bag, I will just try to keep it away from such fabrics in future, but if anyone has experienced the same problem and found a good way of getting rid of the transfer, let me know.

    Oh and it isn't a major transfer stain, very small and nobody will ever see it because of the way I wear the bag (which is why the transfer happened in the first place) but thankfully it didn't happen on my favourite side of the bag :smile:
  3. hmmm, it's happened to me before, and I've tried babywipes like others have suggested to try to get rid of the stain but it doesn't work at all. I think there's really not much you can do... sorry.
  4. Aww so sorry to hear about this :sad: I don't have any suggestions other than the ones already mentioned -- just wanted to express some symphathy
  5. Oh thank the lord, baby wipes worked, I was so skeptical at first about using it, and I made this post because I live in the UK and a lot of the posts talk about loadsa cleaning products that I know about and I probably wont get over here, and being quite far from the London Vuitton store I was feeling scared, alone and frantic, so I apologize for any duplicate thread or whatever, but baby works worked, much to my surprise.

    Thanks to you who replied to share my pain