Help! J12 Question

  1. My sister just called she has the opportunity to purchase a white j12
    from a reseller. I do not know anything about the watch.
    Can you give me info or photos to tell her what to look for.

    She can purchase watch for $3k? Is this a good price? No diamonds
  2. Hey there,

    I bought my white J12 (with diamonds) for around 12,700 dollars.

    So i guess its a good price!

    I will attach a photo of mine so u can have a look at it ;)
  3. WOW!!! That seems high. Is it the automatic? Still sounds high.

    The J12 without diamonds retails in the $3,500 range. I know because I was looking at a black J-12 with diamond markers and retail was $4,100.

    Personally, for $500 more I'd rather buy it at the boutique where I know I have all of the paperwork.
  4. Thanks ladies we did not know never purchased or even looked at Chanel watches before.

    Question is there any thing we should know about the movement?
    Should the second had have any details?
    Are they all automatic? How does it run batteries?
  5. My sister said it is a Chronograph automatic with white face?
  6. Call the Chanel 800# (here: 800-550-0055) for pricing. I don't know how much the automatic retails for, but it can't be too much more than the battery operated one.
  7. Chanel # is 800-880-0005, I have called the number Mon gave and they gave me the CHANEL number - LOL
  8. Wow thanks ladies, is there also a web site?
  9. Yes, Click Fine Jewelry and you will see a link to watches.

    In addition for general information the price point for the J12 watches:

    From Chanel Boutique--

    38mm J12 w/ diamond bezel - $9950.00 - Automatic Movement
    33mm J12 w/ diamond bezel - $8650.00 - Quartz Movement

    38mm J12 no diamonds - $3650.00
    33mm J12 no diamonds - $3350.00

    These prices are excluding sales tax and shipping charges.
  10. BTW, for anyone interested in purchasing a J12 watch the direct number to fine jewelry @ the Madison Ave Chanel Boutique is 212-535-5828. Darnella is a very good and knowledgeable S/A to speak with.
  11. Great information Penny. Just want to add that the
    33mm J12 w/diamond markers = $4,100 (quartz movement)
  12. Thanks to you all :yes:

    You have made me a convert, now I have to have this watch!:yahoo:
  13. I have the j12 white w/diamonds on bezel and i love it. i wear it more than any other watch that i have.
  14. Are the watch bands ceramic?
  15. This from a Chanel watch catalog about the ceramic:

    High-tech ceramic: Borrowed from state-of-the-art technology, ceramic has extraordinary characteristics: non-oxidising, scratchpoof, and hardness just below that of diamonds. "On the international MOHS scale, diamonds have the highest score of 10, high-tech ceramic registers at 9, while steel and gold are respectively just at 5 and 2.5". And so, diamond is the only material used, with extreme precision, to work, form and polish each ceramic component to achieve the perfect aesthetic appearance demanded by the creater.