HELP!! J12 owners who purchased at SAKS

  1. I just bought a new white J12 (yay) However I just noticed my warranty card is absolutely blank. Does Saks have an official stamp? The sa said I can fill it out myself. Can anyone help? Please let me know what your warranty card says.

    Oooh, pic of my J12 ! 38 mm.
  2. Its GORGEOUS!!!!

    mine has Saks 5th Ave and the date of purchase handwritten on it.... HTH!
  3. Thanks so much. That helps a lot. I suppose I CAN handwrite it myself.
  4. Heheee. You would think that considering how much we pay for our watches, they could at least write the date in!!!!!
  5. Mines is blank too .... I think I am going to just leave it that way.
  6. This also happened to me I called Chanel 800 no. and they told me to go to Saks and have a SA fill it in any problem they told me to call back. I was concerned because Saks at the Short Hills Mall does not carry the J12 watches!
  7. I would get them to fill it out and use their stamp in case the warranty is invalidated. Failing that keep the original receipt with the warranty in case you have a problem in the future.
  8. I bought mine from Saks and she stamped the card and filled it out only because I asked her. The stamp was too big for the card though and was still wet when I got home. Luckily she put the card in a plastic bag but it smeared everywhere! I ended up having to rub the wet ink off with a tissue and now it's just a big blog. Oh well. At least I still have the receipt.
  9. Maybe I should check mine, since I bought it at saks. thanks,
  10. SA also told me that if it was stamped it would only smear also.
  11. Has anyone ever had to have their J12 taken for repairs? Did you have to bring the card AND the receipt.
  12. mine is blank too. thanks for the info. I will keep the receipt with it.
  13. Lucci, I had a problem with my black J12 once, I had trouble winding it. I bought it at NM, so I just brought it back there, I didn't even bring the receipt, but the sa recognized me (I bought 2 J12's from him, so he BETTER recognize me). He sent it in to have it looked at, and it came back working perfectly. Never had another problem.
  14. Thanks for all the info! Does the watch have a serial number? I dont see anything in the back.