Help - Ivory Day or Ivory SGH Day?

  1. I can't decide! :confused1:

    I already have a Sandstone GGH City and Black GGH Brief so I feel like I should get the Ivory Day without the giant hardware. But for some reason, I just love the giant hardware...and I don't have the silver hardware yet. Help! Would you get an Ivory Day or Ivory GSH Day?
  2. I say go for the GSH!!!! You love it so why not? I think the day with GH is beautiful!!!!
  3. I'd say rh but only beacause i'm not a gh girl. i think you should go for what you really love
  4. Hmmm...

    since you already have the sandstone with GGH, go with something a little different. I like RH too!
  5. I would go for giant hardware, I have one and its gorgeous.