HELP! I've used my spy bag for 2 weeks and its fading!

  1. omigosh! i just noticed on one corner of my beautiful chocolate spy bag, that the color is fading pretty badly! is this normal? do you think i should have it fixed or fix it myself w/ leather stain? or does it give character to the bag? please help me! thanks!!:confused1:
  2. I would take it back--this does not sound normal to me at all. If it is only 2 weeks old and you got it from an authorized retailer they should exchange for a different one. I would not keep a bag that expensive with that problem.
  3. Lit is correct, if it is a brand new bag from Fendi, something is wrong for it to fade so quickly...

    If it is a preowned bag, older especially, then it might fade. I have refreshed a chocolate spy with a colorant for leather, but actually, I personally found I like the weathered look...especially on Chocolate Spy.:p
  4. I have a choco spy and that has not happened to me. Take it back.
  5. I have the chocolate also, and I did find a "blushing" of sorts around the coin purse and the top stiching around the opening of the bag.

    I bought mine new at Neimans in January when NM in Paramus just received them. My SA told me that the leather on the new bags requires little or no treatment.

    I did use the clear KIWI polish on it and was happy with the results. (tested on a different bag first). The blushing does show through, but not badly. I like the slightly worn in look on the edges of the opening.

    The rest of bag, including corners, is perfect. And I use it constantly.