HELP! I've totally lost my voice. Now what?

  1. Ughh guys I'm so bummed out right now!
    I've had a sore throat for three days and yesterday it went from sore to that tingle you get...and at the end of the night I started to lose my voice.
    I woke up today, the soreness/tingle is almost all gone from my throat, my nose is plugged up and my voice sounds HORRIBLE!! I can't even speak a sentence without making myself sound ridiculous. Soooo hoarse, the pitches are all wrong and I always manage to squeak. Sometimes when I'm speaking it sounds like I'm whispering because no sound really comes out.

    ARGHH luckily today is my day off of work...but tomorrow I go back to work and my voice is so important to me because I greet clients and answer the phone a LOT. Any tips on how to get my voice back ASAP??
  2. It sounds to me like you're getting laryngitis. It's probably going to be completely gone before it starts coming back.

    Don't talk. Talking will strain your voice. And it won't come back overnight.

    Here's some information on laryngitis:

    And when your voice does come back, you'll have this sexy, throaty lounge singer voice for a while!
  3. DON'T eat or drink anything too sweet....than can create mucous (sorry that is gross!) and make things worse. Sip on some warm tea if you have it, but hold the sugar. And don't try to make yourself talk at all today, just rest your voice.
  4. Thanks Stacey and caitlin for the link...
    What about clearing my throat? Will that damage it further??

    This totally sucksss!! I already cancelled plans to go to a friend's house (we were going to watch scary movies all night...if I tried screaming nothing would come out!)
  5. you should sit with your face over a basin of hot water to steam your throat and keep it moist (a towel over your head will stop the steam escaping- like with a facial steam), and DO NOT SPEAK!!! you'll just strain your throat if you do. Good luck.
  6. I'd look on the positive can get away with using one of those cool robot voice generators, like Stephen Hawking uses.
  7. Listen DO NOT try and talk, or smoke or be around smoke, i have a really weak voice so i loose it very easily to where i cant even whisper (its very scary) and if you dont rest it and have clean air it will not come back for a WHILE!! Mine was gona for 3 weeks once
  8. oh and i know its hotter than anything right now but hot liquids help try tea with honey, hoeny is a nice coating for your throat
  9. Oh no Karman! I am sorry to hear that. It happened to me about two months ago. I did not have a voice for about 2 weeks and I still cannot scream, very odd.

    I drank a lot of tea with honey and lemon, rested my voice, I didn't really even try to whisper. Eventually it started to come back. But don't try to talk too much when it does begin to come back. It will take a while.

    I hope you feel better soon. I know exactly how you feel.
  10. Charles, you are a riot! LOL!!!

    Karman, I hope you feel better. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix. Just refrain from talking and sip on tea with freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey. Take care!!
  11. I think this thread was closed by accident... if not, let me know and I can re-close it!

    Hope you feel better!
  12. I always remember on those shows where the people sing, they always just pour honey down their throat whenever it got hoarse..
  13. Thanks guys...the doctor said it is laryngitis and he said there's nothing I can do except gargle salt water, drink lots of fluids, and suck on lozenges. Today is day 3 and it's getting better but I still sound really bad and he said I probably won't get my voice back totally until Friday.

    Megs, the thread was indeed closed by accident...thanks for reopening it!