Help - I've switched gears

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  1. Hey lovely ladies...I need some help. Okay, so I've switched gears a bit. I've fallen in love with the MJ Quilted Stam Hobo and I just want some thoughts before I make the purchase. Have you found it too big? Too heavy? Do you like the chain? I'm rather petite...and I've always been afraid of a bag 'overwhelming me' however...I'm a bit of an anomoly (LOL) as I like large bags, since I tend to put my 'life' in them. I need something that will hold my huge wallet, book, keys, makeup bag etc...what do you think, is the Quilted Hobo a good purchase?? Any insight would be appreciated. :smile:
  2. ^ You are referring to Hobo Banana right?
    Even though the chains are cute, they add extra weigh to this style. Plus, they aren't as comfortable on the shoulder as newer Hobo Banana with a flat leather shoulder strap.

    This Hobo doesn't have a base (ie. flat) so I really don't think it's a good idea to put too much stuffs in it. I recommend another MJ bag. =)
  3. Thank you bag.lover. I appreciate the advice. The Marc Jacob's bag I'm referring to is sort of shaped like a bucket... on the Bergdorf site is says, Marc Jacob's Quilted Stam Hobo. The dimensions seem pretty good, and I think I could put a lot inside (without overstuffing it) I was more concerned about the shape and the size and if it would overwhelm a petite figure... I think it's beautiful...but I haven't seen it 'on'.
  4. You can put a lot of stuffs in Stam Hobo, will let owners give their opinions. =)
  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE mine!! :love:

    I don't over stuff mine at all, though. In fact I only use maybe 1/3 of the bag at most. That being said, it's not that heavy even with the chain on it. If you're a "stuffer" the extra weight of the chain might bother you and I'd suggest you try something else, maybe the large Bowler instead. It has tons of room but not as heavy as the Stam hobo. While you can remove the chain from the Stam Hobo, that's like going out in public without makeup to my way of thinking! I like the chain. It gives the bag its personality. :nuts:

    PS- I'm 5'4" and I don't think it overwhelms me at all. Have a look on this thread: