HELP!!! I've ruined the vachetta on my bh!

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  1. Okay - I've had my bh for a little over a month. It had began to patina and was lookin quite lovely and shiny. So what's the problem you might be thinking? Well I THOUGHT I saw some dirt on the trim on the top of the bag and decided to "clean it up" with baby wipes.

    Of course I read the threads on baby wipes posted here and got the Huggies alcohol free. Here's the problem - I saturated that vachetta with the wipes! Now a day later I have water spots and the shine is GONE! I am sooo sad I want to cry :sad: . Somebody PLEASE help me... This was my first lv and I really love it (I'm tempted to repurchase). Please tell me there's hope. Please tell me someone else did this dumb &%$#$!
  2. Don't worry about it. Maybe the area hasn't dried yet. Did you treat it before using it? I've always used Appleguard conditioner after I've used baby wipe and let it dry completely. It should be ok. After time, the patina will even it out anyways.
  3. I am so sorry. Give it some time to completely dry. And over time as it gets darker it will blend.
  4. I am not sure how much LV charges but you can always have the handles changed. I am sure it must be cheaper then buying a whole new bag.

    If not you can always try to see how much you can get for it on eBay.

    Good luck. Please keep us updated.
  5. seems like it needs to be conditioned. i use apple guard and apple conditioner.
  6. Thanks everyone for your support and suggestions. I haven't treated the vachetta at all and now I'm just afraid to do ANYTHING else to the bag. I called my SA and she said that I could bring it in and they'd give me an estimate on replacing the vachetta. When I get a chance and a clue (technologically challenged), I'll post a pic. It looks like the trim is orange-ish (I hope its still wet) and you can see the difference as compared to the adjusting buckle.
  7. I've used baby wipes on my Manhattan handles and it removed all the crud but it *dried* it up a lot. I continued to use it and the oils from my palms set in and the handles are nice again... this time without the crud.

    If its the trim and not the handles I would not worry, over time the bag will even out.
    I'm sorry this happened! I think
  8. Try searching the LV FAQ's section or the Louis Vuitton Reference Library section for many threads on how to clean and condition. :smile:
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