Help! I've just gone crazy in the sales!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I just needed to confess to someone, anyone....I've been shopping in the sales and just spent £1000 on clothes. I know I shouldn't have, I'm meant to be on a serious spending ban to save for a trip to New York at the end of the year. But I couldn't help myself! All the pieces I bought were 50% off, and I got another 50% off the marked down prices with my staff discount, so really I just saved myself £2500 :yes:

    So I ended up with:

    A Moschino brown and cream coat, with a wide round collar, cinched waist and pleated skirt. It could be worn as a coat or a dress, so very versatile (or so I'm telling myself).

    A goooorgeous Jonathan Saunders long sky blue formal skirt.

    A cashmere Alexander McQueen jumper with a deep v-neck that had a tied bow at the base of the v.

    A melon coloured long wrap cardigan by CashCa.

    A black jersey dress with pleat detailing by Rozae Nichols

    A cream coat very similar to the Moschino one by Ann Louise Roswald (looks a lot like a dress Charlotte wore in the Christening episode of Sex and the City!)

    Sorry, the descriptions aren't great, but I'll take some photos tonight. I just needed to appease my guilt, after one of my colleagues saw the receipt and gasped!!! :shame:

    Has anyone been hitting the sales big time?! Make me feel better :yes:
  2. Don't feel bad it happens to the best of us, at least you'll be lookin hot!
  3. I can't wait for the pics!! Don't feel bad, I'm sure you deserved some retail therapy :p
  4. Can't wait to see the pics!

    Don't worry, I too am nearing's hard shopping will relying on allowance and birthday money! [can't wait to turn 16 and get a job!] :p
  5. I have totally been hitting the sale so don't feel bad at all :tup: It seems like you got some great pieces can't wait to see them
  6. Awww don't fell bad...looks like you got some great pieces at fabulous prices!! Don't worry about it
  7. PLEASE post pics!!
  8. i've been going crazy with sales!
    but june and january is when i stock up... i'm good for the rest of the year :angel:
  9. i too am confessing my guilt. But you cannot tease us any more with your lovely descriptions of your new items and not show us any piccies ;) now that is not fair!!! lol