help, i've gotta scratch on my new compagnon

  1. i think it happened today while i was pulling my wallet out of my little miss twiggy :crybaby:...i'm soooooooooooooo sad because she's only about 2 weeks old...i'm thinking of putting some AG or lubriderm on it tonight...what do you girls do when your b-bags/wallets get scratches on them (?) :wondering
  2. OHHHH aaallabama, that is so frustrating, I would put a little lubriderm on her and give her a little massage and all will be well.....what color is she?
  3. aa, the whole lubriderm thing here started bc i saw it in bal ny. it was used on SINGLE scratches, not the entire bag... i think you should gently massage some of it on lightly and let it absorb and them leave it alone!!!!!!!!!!!ok,girl?:supacool:
  4. oh nooooo aaa, I'm so sorry this happened. :sad: Is it a big scratch? front? back? gosh, what a bummer.:sad:

    hopefully lubriderm will help... good luck and let us know if it helps!:flowers:
  5. that's so heartbreaking since it's soooo new! Try the lubriderm and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!
  6. aaa Oh no...I think you should definitely try a bit of lubriderm or apple guard condition on the part that is scratched. Good luck!
  7. thanks so much girls, i'll break out the lubriderm tonight ...i tried it on my bordeaux first once (because the leather was a bit crackly on the bottom corners) & it seemed to work compagnon's the bordeaux color & the scratch is about 3/4's of an inch long & it's pretty deep :hysteric:...i'm so sad because it's so new, but i guess this kind of thing is bound to happen...when i 1st started taking her out, i carried her around in a ziploc baggie :shame:...that began to get a little embarrassing after a few days, so i decided i had to let her go au naturale!!!
  8. they really should make a more stylish pouch for us to carry our wallets around in (especially the light color ones). heee!
  9. ziplock bag??? That's cute!
  10. Is there anything one can do for scratches on b-bag leather?
  11. guys, you are supposed to enjoy your bal stuff! normal wear and tear is really ok. just have fun and let your bags and bal goodies :love: make your day a little brighter!! and talking about bright, ive got my magenta weekender today with me. who-hoo!:heart:
  12. aaa--oh, no! I'm sorry to hear about the scratch! :sad: I agree with the other ladies, try a bit of Lubriderm or AG conditioner.
    btw, LOL on the zip lock bag! You are too funny!!!:lol:
  13. okay, ladies, the i just performed the "lubriderm" operation on my wallet & it was a big success :tender:...with a Q-tip, i gently dabbed a little dot of lube on the scratch & then ever-so-gently buffed the area of the scratch (with one of my old, soft prada dust bags)...and now it blends in with the rest of the wallet & just looks like another part of the distressed leather :yes:...if i didn't know it was there, i might not even notice it...a tiny bit of the color came off onto the Q-tip, but you can't tell from looking at the wallet...i wanna thank you girls so much, especially chaussure-girl, because i thought she had the best advice of all...we've all gotta stop stressing over the imperfections that develop & enjoy our b-bags, flaws & all...i speak from experience, that you can't protect your new babies with ziploc baggies forever ;)
  14. aaaa-girl, i am sooo happy you are now happy:yahoo: .lube is great on single scratches and they give bal bags character.:tender:
  15. Oh, that's great news, aaa!!! Reading this thread from the top I was getting worried for you.