Help! I've got some weird discolouration on my Antigua!

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  1. At first I thought it was a stain but then I tried rubbing it off with water and it didn't work. Also it doesn't feel any different than the rest of the bag, whereas if it was a stain it would probably feel harder.
    It looks like its a discolouration of the fabric itself. What do you all think? :crybaby:What to do, what to do! I've only had this bag since June.

    Taken with flash:

    Without flash:

    Theres also a little bit at the front of the bag. :sad:
  2. I would try alcohol free baby wipes first, very lightly. If this does not work, I would try Mr Clean (chemical free, the original) eraser. I think there is a good chance it will come out with the baby wipe though. Good Luck and let us know if this works.
  3. i'd take it to the nearest LV boutique ASAP. id rather they have a look at it than experiment with it myself.
  4. someone else has had this problem I don't remember who it was but I'll see if I can find the thread
  5. Ooh, thanks! Was it the same colour Antigua?
  6. I'm sorry that happened to you. It is quite noticable; I would just take it to Louis Vuitton if that's convinent or call 1-866-VUITTON for help if that's easier.
  7. Sorry I can't find it I think it was the same colour because I remember the spots were orange
    I think they got a replacement but maybe someone else can remember or find the thread
  8. Thanks. So it was a discolouration and not a stain, right?
  9. yeah I think so it's a bit too much of a coincidence to be a stain and them both be the same colour

    maybe it's some kind of reaction has the bag ever gotten wet?
  10. ^^ wasn't it someone with the LVOE tote in khaki?? I would return with it to LV:yes:
  11. I think I remember reading the LOVE tote from Louis Vuitton having problems with discoloration on the canvas.
  12. try the baby wipes... i have a few light antigua bags and they have all picked up stains (mainly from my dark denim).. I have learnt to live with them even after i've tried to clean it off
  13. I have your EXACT bag, except mine is the PM, and in the same colors. I think the orange looks a bit like your bag came into contact with a bleaching agent of some sort, whether it was near powdered bleach, or some other fabric that was treated with some agent. It reminds me of when I accidentally spilled liquid bleach onto my dark denim, it just faded to a pale blue before my eyes!!! Even if you don't use bleach, maybe it was near some cleaning products that contain some mild lightening chemical? AT any rate, I would take it in to see what they suggest....good luck and let us know what happens!!!
  14. Yeah the colour reminds me of some bleach. I've had the same coloured stains on a top that got into contact with bleach...