Help! I've created a Shoe Monster!

  1. My 2 year old went ballistic in the store when I tried these on, she quickly tore off her shoes to stand in these and literally stopped traffic at Nordies. I had to order these in my size and when they finally arrived, she kept pushing me to get out of them so that she could try them on. Regrettably we were in the midst of a change - hence the diaper images. She is a pistol when it comes to her shoes, demanding which ones she wears each day. She probably has more shoes than I do (now that I'm a SAHM) what do I do now? I've created a monster!!!

    BTW, these are my fave Stuart Weitzman boots for the fall - can't wait to wear them.
    IMG_3183.jpg IMG_3184.jpg IMG_3185.jpg IMG_3186.jpg
  2. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
  3. :roflmfao: It is very important for a diva-ette to have the perfect killer shoe or boot especially when she is in the middle of a diaper change.

    She is sooo cute. My daughter is 5 mths old so I think I am looking at my future :yes:
  4. Aaahhh bless her, what a sweetie :tup:
  5. What a sweetie lol
  6. wow they are starting younger and younger:roflmfao:

    sooo cute!
  7. So Cute! I love it!
  8. Oh my goodness! She's a total doll!!!!

    Daddy, hand over that credit card!
  9. I think its fab. I used to watch Wizard of Oz at that age just for her spectacular shoes. You must be so proud!
  10. OMG, I am laughing so hard! Can I have her? LOL I've always wanted a daughter that is just like me - shoe crazy :smile:
  11. Adorable! You will have a lifetime of fun and an even stronger bond as mother and daughter sharing your love for shoes.
  12. How cute!!:tup:
  13. These pictures are precious! My 2 yr. old nephew wears my shoes too. It's the cutest thing!
  14. I have a son that yells at me for spending money (he's 11), the little sweetheart takes after his papa. His best friend's sister came to my house recently and bee-lined to my closet (she's 9). Out came my shoes with plenty of oooo's and aaaaah's, at this point this little darling asks her mother why she can't be more like me. Oh OH I think, don't want to alienate people. I had to physically pull this kid out of my closet and like the pp's stated, I would love a daughter to share stuff like this with....perhaps a future DIL???
  15. Oh my, how adorable! Bet you have a ball dressing her all the time.