help...i've been struggling with my decisions!

  1. in LVOE today! lol it is an LV day! i got a call this morning from my SA about my sunset! :yahoo:AND mom comes in with the mail and i have the new voyage catalog sitting next to me :smile: my SA told me i could go get my sunset when i'm ready. well i wanna get it now but good things come to those who wait! lol.

    how much is TOO much amarante?? yesterday i was :drool: when i saw it -- then i saw ichelle's amazing pics and was so sold. i have to have it.

    when i go to new york, i am bringing home my sunset blvd. as i pre-saled that. anyway, i was going to come home with my sunset and something else. i was leaning towards a MC porte-monnaie billets OR 2 smaller accessories - an amarante cles and a koala bracelet and thinking of leaving the amarante reade pm for like a christmas present or something...or should i just go ahead and get it?

    so, bottom line is, should i get:

    amarante sunset blvd. + amarante reade pm


    amarante sunset blvd. + black MC billets


    amarante sunset blvd. + amarante cles + koala bracelet

    :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: :confused1: lol. i'll probably end up getting it all at some point anyway, it's just a matter of purchase order! but helpppp i like planning ahead and figuring all this out so i can manage my funds! lol. TIA!!!!!
  2. amarante sunset blvd. + amarante reade pm!!
    You cant have too much Amarante !
    Ichells reade looks Stunning!
    So get them both
    Pics when you get them please :nuts:
  3. the final decision will probably be made once i'm there, but does anyone think it is necessary to call my SA and ask about the availability at that boutique? i only purchase from her. if she thinks i should pre-sale it i always have the option to return if i change my mind, right??
  4. I would just call her and ask what's available. I'm super paranoid and always just call to see how many there are and what can be put on hold and such. After seeing how much everyone likes certain items here it is always an indicator as to how popular they will be. That way if you decide not to take something home at least you had the opportunity rather than let someone else go home with it instead.

    As for the items you go for, I would make your decisions at the store. I always think I know what I'm going to do until I actually get there and then make very different decisions. And by all means, if you love the amarante color then I don't think you can have too much. You know everyone here will total enable you! Can't wait to see what you decide!
  5. ^^^ thanks ;) ^^^ i'm one of those people that can't really fathom having 2 bags of the same style in different colors although i would love to, but i see putting that money forth to another style that i don't have yet. so that would mean selling my marshmallow pm, which i have been contemplating anyway. but i guess this gives me more of a reason to sell it! i'm sad though :sad: but i guess i'll find out if i purchase the amarante if the marshmallow goes for my reserve price. whatever that will be.
  6. Can't help you with which to choose because I am confused myself (Reade vs. Sunset--but not both and I already have a Reade too so it is bothering me but I think the Sunset is too small for my needs). I do, however, think you should call. I always call before I go in because I hate to be disappointed if something is not in stock.

    Have fun choosing!
  7. lol i know, i want both. the sunset is already mine, it's just a matter of going to pick it up. i'm just trying to decide on my extra purchase(s) i'm going to bring home. lol. i figure if i don't get the reade this time around i'll get it sometime down the road.
  8. Maybe check out one of the other new vernis bags.

    I've even been thinking that I'll sell my Bronze Reade and get something else Bronze...crazy huh?

    But like you, if I get another Reade it would look like my Vavin PM and the Audra (we have the same taste in bags!). LOL
  9. I'd get the second combination. The MC Billets is a good choice in addition to the Sunset Blvd.

  10. I agree.:yes:
  11. Ok, I'd get the Sunset Blvd and the Reade! I'm similar to you as not wanting two bags of the same colour and same line, but I think in this case we're talking about a clutch and a (small) handbag. So it's not actually two bags, but a bag and a they kind of complement each other...

    Get both of them now while news is still hot about the amarante! It will be less exciting when you get the reade for christmas which is like half a year away; by then the hype might be over and we're all drooling about sth new! :p
  12. Oh yes, I forgot to add that I also got the new Voyage catalogue in the mail today! Been getting lots of LV mail lately....:wlae:
  13. i would, believe me i'd have a roxbury in a second, but i'm trying to keep within price range. lol. i basically swapped the roxbury for the sunset because the rox was originally on my list. but when i saw the sunset i quickly decided i wanted that more. lol. lemme go see though...
  14. I hear you...that's why I am doing Reade and not something else, PRICE!! Esp. since I got the Rox and the Audra like 3 weeks ago. LOL

    I have to put a plug in there for the Rox though, she is such a hot bag!!!!
  15. def. is, but i do wonder how much i'd use her, which is why i've been hesitating. when i got my marshmallow reade i used her all the time, but when i noticed discoloration i got scared :sad: but looking at her sitting on the table i can't let her go. if i have to think this hard about it i know i'd regret it.

    so i'll just have to manage somehow. i was also counting on getting rid of a dior bag i don't want anymore because my friend was going to buy it and now she says she can't spend the money. :tdown: damn. lol. how do you like your audra? i know you had questions about her ;)