Help! I've been scammed!

  1. :hysteric: Can't believe this is happening to me! I just found out that the Chanel bag I bought from eBay is a fake through "Authenticate this...":crybaby:

    This seller has a 99.9% positive feedback and a powerseller to boot!:cursing:

    What can I do now? Should I call up my credit card company and stop payment? I just paid this morning... maybe they can still reverse the charges?
    Oh, help! Any ideas?
  2. YES - Stop payment. Contact the seller and ask for a refund as well. If you paid through paypal, file a claim.

    Sorry that this happened to you!
  3. ^^^ditto. I would go straight to my cc company. They seem to respond better and faster than paypal. Maybe others have different experiences?
  4. Michele and I were just talking about this bag yesterday on "authenticate". PLEASE call your cc company and stop the payment. You can try and contact the seller also. Good luck...
  5. OrangeCounty,lulilu and ada...Thank you so much for the advise, I will call my cc company asap.
  6. If you used PayPal you MUST go through them first. I would contact the seller. I would also authenticate it on the eBay discussion board. I have provided the link to a discussion of an item I bought and won a PP dispute that way.

    Do an eBay item not as described (SNAD) dispute if the seller doesn't allow you to return the bag.

    If you lose the PP dispute, then file the chargeback.
  7. I went through this with an LV bag. Please do contact the seller and give them a chance to remedy the situation. If they are willing to work with you, this will be the easiest and quickest. I would tell your credit card company and PayPal, but I would give the seller a couple of days to help you first. I ultimately got my money from PayPal, but it took around 2 months from the date of the auction until my card was credited by PalPal, and I had to pay for a written letter of authorization from a third party. If you have any specific questions you are more than welcome to PM me.
  8. I think you may save yourself a lot of time if you just contact the seller first. Let her know you don't beliveve that the bag is authentic and you would like her to keep the bag and issue a refund. Obviously if she refuses your request then proceed with the claim.
  9. I would definitely contact the seller first. He sells alot of chanel bags (that is pratically all he sells) and I doubt that he wants a negative on his feedback for authenticity issues. I don't think there is anything on authenticity currently on his feedback and this may be due to his willingness to "settle" the dispute.
  10. I'm so sorry about this..
  11. here is my experience: I emailed the seller who denied that it was a fake. so I contacted paypal and opened a dispute and then escalated after 2 days as comms with seller was going nowhere. the paypal employee told me to get it authenticated and send the letter to them asap as then I am ahead of the game. i got the letter but never had to send it as the seller just ignored the claim until the deadline was up. I got my money back instantly, so it took about 15 days all in all.
    I would contact the seller and file a dispute/claim right away, they can always refund you and then you can close the claim. but if you have a lengthy discussion with them they may move their paypal funds and then there is nothing to get. also, are they covered up to $2000? don't know how much you paid so this would be something I would want to check out.

    if they ask you to return the bag i would still get it authenticated first to be on the safe side. and I would let them agree to a refund only through paypal. also, if they ask you to close the claim in order to get your refund, do not agree to it - if you do so, no way to open the claim again. before you send the bag anywhere take a lot of pics of it to prove you haven't damaged it, ideally you do so with the date on the pictures. if you return it please only do so via recorded delivery.

    OH, one more thing - you don't actually have the bag yet, right? in that case I would wait for it, the reason I am saying that is that if they don't send the bag you will have to report it as not received in which case you can't change any paypal dispute/claim to it being a fake! well, you would always your credit card company as well. good luck
  12. I read about what happened to you on the Chanel forum. Awful. He posts so many Chanel bags. I don't remember how long ago - but he posted on the Chanel forum saying he only sells AUTHENTIC BAGS. I tried to search for it but had no luck. MaYbe you could PM Michele or Smooth and see if they remember. Cannot believe what a scam artist this seller is. Disgusting.
    Hopefully, your CCard Co. will straighten it all out. Good luck!
  13. I remember that. What had happened was I told a PF member asking about a particular bag, to be careful, and stated my reasons. Another PF member read my post and contacted the seller. So he/she joined the forum and stated he/she only sold authentic bags (alot are authentic, just not all). We ended up having a "friendly" disagreement (along with some others who help authenticate) a few times.

    This time another knowledgable Chanel PFer broke the bad news, and explained valid reasons why the bag was fake.

  14. I was thinking the same thing.
  15. YES!! Call your CC company asap and tell them your problem and they can reverse the charges!! GOOD LUCK!