Help...its about Marc by Marc Jacobs bag! Im in love :(

  1. Hi everyone,
    I went thru neimanmarcus website, and I found that they have the bag Ive been looking for.
    I need to have it. Unfortunately, I live in Germany, so I cant make online shopping fr NM .Ive been searching the whole Paris last time and they only have it in blue color. I dont know where to buy in Germany. I havent seen any shop that selling Marc Jacob bags. So if u guys have any info out there, pls let me know!!!
    ps: I attached the pic, hope its working
  2. eLUXURY has one in Bittersweet Chocolate but I don't know if they ship overseas :smile: .Here's the link;)
  3. What about calling a Marc Jacobs store to see if they have it, and whether they would ship it to you in Germany?

    NYC: 212.924.0026
    LA: 323.653.0100
    Boston: 617.425.0404

    Also, try the Paris store and I'm not sure if they ship overseas, but worth a shot.

    Good luck!
  4. or you could go through an international shopping service, like comerxia (google it, I don't remember the website)..
    Good luck! it IS cute!;)
  5. Thanks everyone for the INFOS.......I will try to call MARC JACOBS and see what they can do!!!!
    The eluxury, they dont ship international.
    I have sent email to Marc Jacobs website, but I havent get any reply yet!
    Thanks again, I will keep u guys post if I get the bag.