Help! Item not received, seller used wrong service!

  1. Hi, Im not sure what Im meant to do in this situation.... I won and paid for an item (not expensive) and paid for shipping that was a courier service which includes tracking and insurance as standard. I contacted the seller to say that I hadnt received the item yet and could she please send me the tracking number so i could track that parcel and she sent me a reply saying that she didnt have a tracking number as she had sent it regular second class mail, WTF!!!!:cursing:.
    She said she could send me proof of postage as she has this but thats not the point! She sent it by an unisured service when I paid for an insured courier!
    I replyed politely saying that I had paid for the courier service and have had no reply yet....
    I just dont know where I stand? I looked on eBay and it said I could file an item not recieved report after 10 days (its been 7).
    I think she would just then claim she has proof of postage but the mail service are unlikely to pay a claim on an unisured parcel and even if they do it will take forever to get my money back. Surely this is HER FAULT as she didnt send by the right service... Help me! TIA
  2. second class standard can take ages , and don't forget the postal strike last week , don't give up just yet ! frustrating but ....
  3. I dont think its just that though, its the fact that I paid for Parcelforce 48 which is a tracked and insured service and she just decided to send it standard second class!
    I just had a really rude reply from her and she doesnt even admit to doing something wrong. She just said she has a life and im not her only customer so that was the easy option for her that day....
    I am a busy mum of 3 and I always send via the service I have listed there really isnt any excuses I can think of to not do that. Im so upset by this nasty seller.
  4. How did you pay? Did you use paypal? If so you can file a dispute for item not received and she will have to prove the item arrived (not just shipped). When she cannot produce the tracking number, you will get a refund after 10 days.
  5. Oh do you think so? Yes I paid via paypal and she basically just said she could prove she posted it.... I think i have to wait 10 days to file a claim which i thinkis the only option if it doesnt arrive.
    I just find her amazing that she would blame me for her not using the right service. She said that her p and p costs include listing fees and packaging etc... when i never actually disputed theprice i paidfor postage! On another note i thought sellers werent allowed to try and recoup their listing fees by postage costs... she is such a scammer! She has loas of +ve feedback but only a couple of items recently, the rest is over 90 days old.
  6. no its not fair , i always send my items with insurance and next day delivery and tracking , just to cover myself , i would see if it arrives before deciding the best way of dealing with it , i know paypal are allowing for late delivery because of the strikes . would suggest waiting a little longer ,
  7. Yeah I will wait... im happy to. shes the rudest seller ever! and i wont buy from her again thats for sure!
  8. hope it works out for you! Say if I were the seller and shipped by the wrong method, it'd definitely be by mistake instead of "cos I have a life!", that's just so NOT...!! Sorry you'd to go through this!
  9. Oh for God's sake - what a rude ass of a person!! Like she is the only one with a life? She will certainly lose repeat customers if that is her attitude.The least she could have done was e-mail and apologize and explain rather than get rudely defensive.

    Sorry you had to deal with this.
  10. pinkchristie22, i totally understand you ... exactly the same thing happen to me right now. my item supposed to be sent by express mail and my seller sent it by regular air mail. it's been 19 days already, i still haven't receive it:crybaby:
  11. I would not be happy if I paid for postage one way, and was given somthing totally different! This is her fault for sure!
  12. bought a lot of busy moms, don't mind telling me it comes later because I understand... BUT without communication....
    ???!!! what are you to think as a buyer?
  13. If she listed shipping with tracking and didn't send that way, I think paypal will probably rule in your favor. I have made the mistake of shipping something the wrong way when I was sending it out of the country, and I gave them a refund for the shipping because it took much longer for them to get it.
  14. Thanks girls for the support, i would probably be not so upset if she had realised her mistake which she obviously has and then tried to turn it around on me! Its weird as she has like 500+ +ve feeback and i have nearly 400 +ve but she hasnt been selling for a while, looks like she has started up again!
    My friend is a seller onebay and made a mistake with shipping once and refunded shipping plus extra as she realised her mistake, why cant everyone be like her!
  15. First of all, I can say that seller is cheating you! She cheat your shipping/insurance cost and make me kept asking how with her selling attitude?? If she can cheat ppl for such that amount ( for insurance, it should not more than $ 2 ) then how with the item amount? Uhh... If she still not response you, file claim.