Help! Item not received and not showing up in items won!!

  1. I purchased a bag 8 days ago from a seller who seemed to be legit with over 1000+ feedback. I am still waiting for the bag. Well, I received an email today stating:

    Our records show that you were a bidder or buyer of one or more of this seller's items. We recently removed this seller's active listings and suspended the seller's trading privileges. Due to privacy concerns we cannot share further details about this seller.

    The problem is that the bag that I purchased on the 23rd is not even showing up on my items won:confused1::confused1: It is like the transaction never happened on eBay. I went into paypal and filed a claim. There is a USPS tracking #, but no info.

    I feel like I have been duped by the seller and eBay. How can eBay go and pull past transactions???? Has anyone ever had this happen??
  2. Yes, they will sometimes pull listings that have already ended and then they will not appear in your transactions. It is possible you could still receive the bag you bought, but you did the right thing to go ahead and file a claim. Now, I guess you just have to wait and see.
  3. Have you heard from the seller at all? They may have already shipped it. I would ask if there is tracking. It's always good to start a paypal claim asap so the funds are frozen until the item is recd
  4. As of when I received the email, she is no longer registered on ebay! She had over 100 auctions as of yesterday. So...I am not even sure if they are able to freeze accounts of people who are no longer members???
  5. I believe she is referring to her paypal account, not her ebay account. Owned by the same, but two seperate accounts... Since you filed a claim with paypal, if there were any funds in that account, they should be frozen now.