Help! Item I won is not showing in my paypal account...

  1. Why?

    I won an item an hour or so ago on eBay and went into my paypal account to pay and...... it wasn't there. This has never happened before. It said no new items. Usually it will let me click on items won, but doesn't even give me the option.

    I always pay for my items by logging into my paypal account directly as I am funny about links taking me there from emails and such. It looks like I'm able to pay thru Auctiva, but I've never had an auction take me thru this service before so I'm not quite comfortable with that either... besides even if I was, the insurance amount doesn't match what is listed in the auction which I'm not okay with and want corrected.

    So....thought I would run this by you gals first before contacting the seller as I would like to pay asap. I am just stumped as to why the auction is not showing in my paypal account as it always has after I have won an auction. :confused1:

    Any advice? TIA!
  2. has the seller sent you an invoice? if not, tell them of the shipping cost and have her send it to you again
  3. Yes, I did get an invoice. It takes me to Auctiva that has the much higher insurance amount. I will contact the seller to change the amount to reflect what was in the listing.

    I was more curious why the item is not showing as an "item won" in my paypal account. Could it be because the seller uses Auctiva as a service?
  4. Still don't know the reason why the auction wasn't showing as an item won on the opening page, but was able to click on "send money" and then "eBay auctions" and what do ya know, there it was.
  5. Try going into myaccount in eBay, and click on paypal. Sometimes the link gets broken and you have to manually relink your paypal to your ebay acct.
  6. When a seller uses auctiva, and you go to pay for an item, it will direct you to auctiva to pay. This is because the seller gets a small break on insurance through auctiva. But it is legite, as for the shipping insurance, I'm sure its just an error the seller made when listing the item. Sometimes when sellers list items in bulk, mistakes are made. I had this happen to me when trying to purchase a couple pairs of pants, the seller listed the combined shipping incorrectly. When I tried to pay it kept coming up more than I thought. I tried contacting the seller, and didn't hear back. Finally, after 5 days she corrected it. Hope this helps!