Help!!!! Issues with recent preloved Chanel

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  1. Hi! I can really use some advice on my recent buy from Rebag. I purchased a black patent Chanel mini that was stated as great condition. When I opened that bag everything looked great until I started looking closer at the chain. The wear is pretty bad but there are some issues that make me question the entire bag. First issue is the wear on the base of the chain on both sides. That was not pictured or mentioned in the listing. The second issue is the leather in the chain is not laid properly. It looks strange and I am now trying to determine if it’s necessary to return the bag! I know chains are replaceable but I feel completely tricked into buying a bag with a lot more wear than described/pictured. I don’t mind replacing the chain but I really need some advice. I am going to message Rebag. Should I demand a partial refund? Or is it better to just send the defective piece back to them?

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  2. I would send it back.
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  3. The chain its self is fine. That link can be twisted back and what your seeing is the edges of the ends. HOWEVER the condition of that part where it connects to the bag is abysmal. It looks all worn off and some looks rubbed by the grommet. I say RETURN. Especially if that was not pictured or mentioned in the listing, that is not right.
  4. Thank you for your advice. As much as I want the bag I definitely didn’t want it in this condition :sad:
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  5. Yes I agree, it was very deceitful to not picture any of those wear. Those parts of the bag are in poor condition and I totally got tricked. Thank you for responding, very appreciated!!:smile: