Help! Issues with new Empreinte Pochette Metis

  1. Hi all,

    I just received the Pochette Metis in empreinte cerise from LV online. I'm having trouble opening and closing the clasp and noticed that it's a little crooked. I was planning to return, but I'm wondering if I'm overreacting. Also, the leather isn't straight on the sides, please see photos. Thoughts?

    IMG_1492392720.587067.jpg IMG_1492392736.137508.jpg
  2. If you're not happy with it, return it.
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  3. Wow, this bag is gorgeous! I personally can slightly see what you're talking about regarding the lock, but it wouldn't bother me. If you're not happy, return it! But nice bag!
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  4. The sides which aren't straight is normal. The clasp is harder to open when the stickers are still on and when the front part of the isn't filled up.
  5. See how the lock looks and feels to close when the front compartment is has things inside. The piping being a bit wonky wouldn't bother me, my Twice and Speedy are like that in places, so I think it's just a common/normal thing with piping. If the embossing is properly aligned and deep all over then it would take something really really bothersome for me to return as you don't know if you're going to get a better or worse one back.
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  6. If you are really unhappy about anything on a handbag, I wouldn't keep it. I think a handbag should totally please the buyer.
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  7. My lock on my pochette metis reverse was a little crooked. Once I put my things inside it was fine.
  8. If it bothers you, return/exchange it, the bag is stunning however!
  9. I agree with Kate1989. Try and put things in the front compartment. Mine was difficult to open and close too when I was trying it in the store empty. The manager even said sorry it didn't work out for me as she knows how long I've waited for it. I tried and put my emilie wallet in the front and open and closed it several times and it was better. Maybe not a 100% still but I was happy to bring it home. The manager did reassure me if it continues to cause a problem I can bring it back but so far so good. Good luck!
  10. not perfect but I like it :smile: it´s handmade ! IMG_4327.JPG
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  11. Just curious what you decided to do :smile:
  12. This is my first post ordered and received my PM in Empriente returned the first for the lock being off center. Here's a pic of the second bag I received. Is it crooked or just me? IMG_1495122529.226455.jpg
  13. It def looks off center with the fleur de lis:sad: on the plus side the embossing looks nice & heavy & even all over!!
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  14. I can see how the bottom of the s lock is much closer to the flowers on the left than the right. Totally see the misalignment in this sense. If you're not 100% satisfied, exchange :smile:
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  15. I have the s-lock on my saint germain bb purse and it was fussy when I got it. Then, I realized the bag had to be full for the lock to have a hard backing to snap shut effectively. When the bag was empty it was so hard to close. Were you able to exchange it? Hope it worked out :smile: