Help! Iskin decision!

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Who is comin' home with me??

  1. [IMG][/IMG] Cactus Party!

  2. [IMG][/IMG] Milky Time!

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  1. K guys, so which one? I just got an Ipod video, well, its on its way to me. And I want an iskin. I love sandy and lattes, so I have NO idea which one to get. Plus they are like, 45.00 with shipping to Hawaii so there is NO way I would get both!

    Pros and cons-

    Sandy's looks brighter, but its just her face and no other characters, but it might be too bright to look at when I watch videos (does that make sense?):rolleyes:

    Lattes are toooooo flippin cute and they KILL me playing soccer, but its got momobellas fat head on the corner. :blah:Plus it seems a bit duller than the sandy (which is both a pro and con)

  2. well I'm partial to the cactus & adios so that's my vote!!
  3. I woldnt do either, I got mine the other day and it ripped before I got it all the way on! Its a really thin skin o nthe inside and a hard plastic case on the outside. I thought it would be better made than that and considering how much I paid on postage to Australia, they cost me nearly $50 each! NOT worth it

    PS I got Milky Time and ADIOS
  4. I prefer the milky time, but thats because I like momobella too :P
  5. ooh I just made it tied between Cactus Party and Milky Time .. hehe

    I voted for Milky Time cuz it's more cutesy looking :biggrin:
  6. Stupid fat head peach. Too bad she's not the soccer ball. I think I still like the lattes best though.

  7. Lolllllz. I hate the peach too. I'd like to kick it myself.

    Yasha- Are you serious? It ripped?
    Just a bit or all the way?
    That sucks. :yucky:

    I think I voted for the cactus, I forgot.
    These are the exact too I want so I had a problem chosing one.
  8. Hey leave the fathead peach alone!! Hahahahaah She's my girl!:graucho:
  9. I like the peach too. But Latte is my I vote Milky Time.
  10. Yikes. I've never had any problems with mine and I've had it for a while and take it on and off fairly frequently. You weren't trying to put it on an 80gb model by any chance?

    You should contact iSkin and see if they can replace it. Their products are usually very sturdy.:biguns:
  11. No I have a 1st G Nano...I have to send it back and thats going to cost me more $$$$
  12. Definitely MILKY TIME! OMFG, if I had a nano or regular iPod i'd so get it...but *sigh* I will be happy with my td stars one for ipod mini lmfao.
  13. ahhh! I was hoping its gonna be a landslide vote but so far its 11;16 for Milky time!!

    Does anyone know where I can get these in a B&M store in Hawaii? Or even cheaper shipping online? (its 15.00 at for shipping to HI, but like 7.50 to Ca!!)

    Thanks guys for all of your input so far!! Im so sad for you Yasha, that sucks!! Is there nothing you can do? how much is shipping back to iskins?

    ANd for thoes of you who have one, what is on the top of the case? is it empty or does it have some sort of closure for the top? When you put it on the ipod does it slide around or off??

    thanks guys!! You rock!
  14. My boyfriends sister got the milky time one it is real cute :biggrin: My vote is for that one :yes:
  15. toki lover, I tried to PM you but YOUR INBOX IS SUPER FULL!!