Help .. is this true??

  1. Hi girls, I'm interested in this eBay bag. Looks lovely .. but have you ever heared of this:

    "there is a small initial made on the inner pocket label by the Mulberry craftsman to identify this bag was sent for free maintainence" (see pic)

    Any similar experiences with maintenance?

    Thanks again!!
    Jacquetta oak.jpg Jacquetta oak 2.jpg Jacquetta oak 4.jpg
  2. sorry the pics of the interior are too big .. don't know how to change them :cursing: .. but LR is stitched on the interior label under Mulberry .. sounds familiar?
  3. Does this work? When will I ever understand about computers when bags are my thing :graucho:
    Interior Jacquetta 1.JPG Interior Jacquetta 2.jpg
  4. I always thought the bags with those letters stamped on the mulberry label meant they were fake; this eBay guide on how to spot a fake mulberry mentions this, and that the letters LR mean fake:

    My mulberry araline was sent away for a free repair and nobody stamped anything on it! Personally I wouldn't touch it but you can post in the authenticate this thread if you're still interested.:tup:
  5. I've heard that Oo items are bags that have been returned to Mulberry, been repaired and sent out to Outlets to sell, so identified as non returnable but I don't know if other letters are stamped as well??
  6. what are Oo items?
  7. Maybe it is your photos, but the Mulberry does not even seem straight on the tag. Is that true Olga?
    I have never seen LR on my bags either, but I have never sent one out for repair. Again, phone Mulberry because they are the answer girls.
  8. Oo are stamped on bags that are new but found to have a missing stud, broken handle etc...they are sent back to be repaired and then are sold at the Outlets, they come with a year warranty but can't be returned..
  9. Thanks Rachie :tup:

    Does 'LR' definately mean a fake then?
  10. My first 2 Mulberry bags both had letters stamped on them. My Ellie bag or was it called Ella, can't remember, anyway that one i believe has LL stamped on it and i got her from House of Fraser about 5 years ago and the second one which was a congo leather also had letters stamped on it, can't remember what they were and my sister now has the bag, and i got that bag from Mulberry online. Have never known what they mean. My Anthony doesn't have anything stamped on it, so maybe this was something they did on earlier bags.
  11. Thanks girls .. you are great .. the embossed letter are sorted.

    Still not sure what to do .. I love the bag, but don't want a fake one of course. It's just that I can't find a jacquetta anywhere else.

    Should I go for it?