HELP! Is this the infamous "mousse" color???

  1. This bag has been on BG online for a while and shows the color as "grey." It looks like the elusive mousse to me. Does anyone know???
  2. No pics??
  3. Here is the pic....I was having operator error issues again.... :smile:
  4. yes, i belive that the mousse/dove. i have one in pocket paddy and love the color!
  5. It's not coming up. From the small one, it MIGHT be. Gahh :drool:.
  6. Well, I have the exact bag in the new Roche color, but am unsure if I am liking that color. I posted those a couple of days ago, I think they are on page 2. I do like the bag in Roche but I do not LOVE it. I have yet to see mousse IRL but I hear you guys talk about it all the time.;) So, maybe i will just order it to see if I like the color??? I am hoping it is mousse, i will feel more confident after hearing your opinions on it though:yes:
  7. i think it may be gris vert which is basically the mousse color with purplish edging (i don't think this style was available the season that mousse was)
  8. I think you might be correct.:yes:

    Here's a pic of my mousse for clarification.
    The colour in my pic is pretty true to life, although the Mousse is very chameleon-like in that it changes colour with the light and outfits.
  9. I agree; it's gris-vert. I am 99% sure.
  10. :drool::drool::drool::drool:

    O my GOD!!!!! Now I want that bag even MORE!!! First dibs on yours, lol. No offense of course, keep it as long as you want. :angel:

    My hunt is officially ON he he. What seasons was this made? :love:
  11. Chicky, I love you bag! It is perfect!:yes: With the white stiching and silver hardware, I bet it looks awesome with white!
  12. I don't know what the colour is but I sure love that bag! Hope you get it.