Help: Is this Stam REAL???


Feb 8, 2006
I would say it isn't authentic (though it looks mighty real!) for the following three reasons:

1). It's a one-day auction - usually sellers do this because they don't want ebay to pull their listing

2). The bidder list and his feedback information is private -- why would he/she do this unless he/she has something to hide?

3). Finally, he/she doesn't even mention that it is authentic (not that claiming authenticity even amounts to a hill of beans on Ebay, but the fact that he/she isn't even mentioning it really means a lot! So I have to give that person some credit for not trying to claim authenticity)

Hope that helps!


Oct 18, 2005
Nope, it's not. For the reasons that shoppegirl mentioned plus one other that I don't even like to mention since the fakers read these boards. I guarantee you that bag is fake though.

Remember, there are NO deals to be had on ebay for a "hot" bag! There are exceptions, like a seller selling her own used bag, etc. but for the most part, don't think you'll get lucky finding a $1200 bag for under that price. :idea: