Help is this right?

  1. Hi guys, my friend wanted to ask you guys experts, if this datecode is right:
    M5905. She is too afraid to ask, because she says that if it is a fake she will get really sad! She is a member here, ok. I haven't seen the bag or anything, so I have no idea. I will try to post pics so you guys can get an idea. Thanks.
  2. That sounds like a style number.
    It wouldn't be a date code.
  3. That is not a date code, it is the style code that some fake bag makers like to put on leather tags in the bags. Date codes usually consist of 2 letters followed by four numbers.
  4. If that is printed inside the bag. It's fake. Sorry!
  5. There is a date code listing posted in the LV reference section for your use if you would like. :flowers: