help! is this real or fake gucci hobo I just bought from this seller from ebay

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Jun 12, 2007
Hi to everyone in the forum. I am new here and I don't know much about gucci handbag. But I just recently purchased a gucci hobo bag from ebay before I even did any research. I regreted it so much now not doing research before buying *sigh* The seller is I paid about $400 bucks for it . and now I am worried that is not real gucci. It stated that it's real and that I am able to get money back if it's not. The link is here
The item id number is 230139289154 Can someone kindly confirm to me by the photo and bag on the site is real or fake? I am so worried now. I got a email from paypal saying the seller already printed out shipping label and I guess they already sent it out. When I receive it I plan to get my money back if I find out that it is counterfeit. I am so terrified if it is. Can someone please help me thanks in advance. Btw i paid thru paypal. You think I will be able to get my money back including the shipping and handling fees back if it's fake. thanks everyone who can help me out. The seller id is
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