Help! Is this Prada defective?

  1. Hi all,

    I got the Prada Glace Calf Satchel on sale from Saks. I have no choice but to sell my sale Pradas to fund the other purses I've bought last month (some of which I can't return for refund). Anyway, an eBay member asked me if the bag was in perfect condition. It is brand new, never used and I received it last week with some other purses. So I take it out to look at it closely and found these (please see pics). Are these part of how the leather is or how it's processed? Is it defective? Or am I just paranoid? At first, I thought it was just part of how the purse is because the handle has it too and it looked normal... but having never had calfskin prada before, I just am not sure.

    If anyone can please voice their opinions, I really need to know asap so that if it's defective, I can pull it off the auction.

    TIA - very much!

    PS. Here's a link to the pictures:
  2. Looks good to me, but wait for others... I think it's a lovely purse, I'm sorry you have to sell it...
  3. Here are pictures. of the front, back, and the handle.

    Anyone? I would really be grateful for any comments you have. Thanks.
    front.JPG back.JPG handle.JPG
  4. Hi soxfan...

    Thank you for your reply! Yes, of all the purses, this is the one I like the most. However, the color is closest to the satchel I got (which I love and can't return for refund anyway).

    Anyway, thank you again!
  5. Are you referring to the little indentations??
  6. Yes. Am I being paranoid? I didn't notice the at first... but now that I know they are there... I hate to say this purse is in perfect condition then finding out that it is really defective. Thank you for looking!
  7. Well, someone who is super picky might think that's an issue. I don't know that it's a defect -- the purse obviously leaned up against something at one point -- could have happened during shipping. So is it perfect? Probably not. Is it defective? That's too strong. I know how easy it is to get paranoid when you're doing eBay listings. Maybe you want to point it out and tell them it's nothing you wouldn't find in any of the store bought bags, which is closer to the truth. You should have seen the scratches and whatnot on some of the bags right at Prada in the sale section. And I take it, you are offering the bag at less than retail.
  8. Jenskar. Thank you and well said. I already changed my auction description. Yep, I am selling the purse at almost the same price I got them (only eBay fees and paypal costs added) rather than incurring shipping costs if i were to return it. I think it's still a beautiful purse and a great deal. Bummer I can't keep it :sad:

    Thanks again!
  9. oops sorry for double posting
  10. I have the same bag and I got it in the SAKS post Christmas sale also. It has the same indentations. Seems to be normal for this bag.

    BTW, what or where is the removable key pouch?
  11. It looks like the handle of the purse might have been folded down on to the purse and made those little indentations. I do notice it. It would bother me but I am super picky about things. I think if the purse was a dark color nobody would notice. It is a beautiful bag. Good luck selling it.
  12. don´t worry! as I see it, leather is a nature´s product; imperfections are normal and give the leather a sense of individuality!
  13. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me.
  14. Thank you ladies!

    You are all so great. I so heart being here... thank goodness for tPF and all you wonderful and helpful peeps! (oh my... did i just say peeps? my 11yo daughter will have an apoplexy!) hahaha