Help, is this offer too good to be true?!!

  1. The following listing has ended unsold, 260144567425 (it had lots of fabulous, close-up pics too) I have been contacted by the seller who has said she will be re-listing this paddy very soon or was I interested in a buy it now price of £380

    I have two authentic paddingtons one form 2005 and the baby paddington, both bought from a shop so I know they are authentic.

    I have been informed that the other Chloes she has for sale at the moment are possibly fake, and they do not have the 'close-up' pics that the completed listing has. Could the 'too good to be true' offer on the medium, brown Paddington be an authentic paddy and the others fake?

    This listing photographs looks very much like my paddingtons, in fact I am going dizzy comparing the photographs to my bags, please can someone please, please take a peek and tell me if this is the real thing?

    Thank you.