Help, is this normal?

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  1. I previously purchased a Kelly from a seller in Japan and prior to completing the purhase, I had the Kelly authenticated by a TPF member. The bag arrived and I certainly have no issues with it whatsoever as the bag was as per described/listing. However, I found the attached tag in the box and was wondering if this is normal. The Kelly was a P stamp and comes with the whole set ie box, herringbone dust bag, keys, clochette etc.

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  2. Personally I've never seen a hermes tag in my purchases from hermes before
  3. Yes I have purchased bags that came from boutiques in Asia and they have these exact tags!
  4. I bought from Hermes stores in Japan and they do enclose this in the package.

  5. The items that I have purchased in Japan all came with this tag. It's absolutely normal :smile:
  6. Thank you mssurgeonoo7, my peko & Princess D for clarifying. :smile:
  7. Closing thread now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.