HELP! Is this normal wear and tear?

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  1. I purchased this small monogram YSL shoulder bag less than a month ago and just wondering if this is normal wear and tear? Will the Saint Laurent stores repair this for me under the 1 year warranty? Any tips on what to say when I speak with someone at the store?

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  2. If you bought it from the boutique, depending on which country are you in and your luck, they MIGHT do a one-for-one exchange if you are firm in your tone.

    If you didn’t buy it from the boutique and since it’s under a month, I would recommend you to make a return if they allow you to do so.

    Sad to say this is considered as a wear-and-tear situation due to the sharp corners of the product and I don’t think any repair job can be done on it. But to have it worn out in such manner under a month it’s highly unusual... were you using it on a daily basis or something...?
  3. Hi blackcherry!
    Thanks for the reply :smile:
    I've worn it probably only once a week. I'll make sure I have a firm tone and pray that there's someone nice working the day I go to the boutique.
  4. I just got this bag for mother’s day. I’m iffy on if I should keep it or not. I love it but I worry about the wear and tear.
  5. I’ve had mine for about 2 years and mine doesn’t look like that. Then again I don’t wear mine once a week. Yours looks like it’s be scuffed against something.
  6. I've had mine for a few years now and I don't have this wear and bring it back to the store!
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    I had this same problem with my medium envelope bag. I only wore it maybe 2x and it has rubbing everywhere after only 2 weeks. I finally had the opportunity to take it to the SL boutique where it was purchased about 3 months after owning (traffic is a nightmare to get to that mall and it's highly inconvenient, as to why I didn't go sooner). The SA said she'd do nothing & it's "normal." I buy a decent amount from this boutique (at least 2 bags per year), but this SA was not willing to repair or offer any remedy (tbh, I just wanted it repaired. I didn't even want a replacement). So I guess it just depends on your luck and how rude the SA's are.... Best to do it sooner than later, though!

    Mind you, I am pretty cautious with my bags. So this is NOT "normal wear & tear." I have over 50 designer bags in my collection right now & some from the early 2000's still - designers ranging from Chanel, Gucci, Dior, LV, Prada, and so forth - this bag by far shows the most wear out of any of my current bags. It was only purchased April 2018 & I've worn no more than 10x b/c I don't like how it rubs off more every time I simply take it out of my closet... I think it's just a common design flaw. I have friends that experienced the same issues but purchased from Nordstrom, and were able to return b/c they stand behind their product.
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