Help! Is this normal? Natasha damage

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  1. Hi MJ forumites! I'm usually a lurker, but have a question.

    I bought a MBMJ Natasha in Gunmetal last May and recently noticed that the leather where the strap attaches to the bag seems to be tearing.:cry::cry: I use this bag in a large rotation (actually it's not even my go-to bag) and I never overload it. There is absolutely no sign of wear on the bag apart front his.

    Is this a known problem?

    It's symmetrical - on both sides, on front and back.

    Thanks so much

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  2. woah, no way. Did you get it from somewhere where you can exchange it?
  3. I bought it at Aritzia (Canadian store) and I've emailed customer service so hopefully they will do something about it. I'll be quite annoyed if they don't.

    My problem is that I don't like any of the colours they now have. Ugh. So hopefully they will offer a store credit instead of exchange.
  4. The same thing is happening to mine. I got mine on eBay and didn't notice the damage right away. The seller didn't disclose either. It still works fine and you can't see it unless you're looking for it. If it gets any worse I will have to take it in for repair. I'd be interested to know if others are having the same problem?
  5. Yes, I saw this post and went and looked at my natasha curious, and noticed some of the same tearing on one side in about the same spot. The tearing on mine isnt as bad yet, but now I'm worried it will get worse! This is already my second natasha too, the first one I noticed the leather pealing on part of one of the diamonds and took it back to nordstrom to replace it with a new bag. They replaced it without question but I'm worried I might have to do it again!
  6. Aritzia was not very helpful. After a LOT of talking they gave me a gift cert for $200. I would avoid this bag for everyday use