HELP!!!!! Is this normal??? Help!!!!!

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  1. Hi. I'm in need of Prada expertises help.
    I just received my black beauty, BN1336, yesterday evening and was so excited with it. And just now, when i took it out to show off to my friends, they pointed out one thing that I didn't notice.....the 'MILANO' wording on the tag of the inner side pocket is distorted. Is it normal??? I paid retail price and bought it from Joanna @ Hawaii. Really need someone to tell me what to do?? HELP:sad:
    I'm really upset by the 'MILANO'

  2. I agree it looks terrible but it's a genuine bag from a boutique so...does it actually matter? :shrugs:
  3. i would return it.... even if its form boutique...

    if u dun tell em its from boutique, i would say its a FAKE... no offence and i am not a expert to authenticte..
  4. I find it is always hard to read. The font is so small intentionally that when it's stamped in ink like that it's going to run.
  5. if its shipped int'l, i would forget about it. i've seen ink stamps bleeding on other items, esp on porous materials, while it shouldn't be the case on designer bags, it is unavoidable... important thing is, you got it from a boutique, more so dear joanna, i'd be confident that its 101% authentic!
  6. Those leather tags are getting sloppier with every subsequent season. It's just a tag on the inside of your bag. No reason to get wigged out about it.
  7. Yes, it'll get marked up and scuffed with use anyway - pulling & putting things in & out of the bag.
    Don't worry about it, ENJOY your new bag.
  8. I agree, it really does not matter, but ultimately, it is your money, so if it bothers you- just tell Joanna you want to exchange it. You are responsible though for shipping your bag back to her so you have to pay for a better "stamp"- you have 14 days, and if it were me, and it bothered me, I would ask her for another one with what you want on the inside- she is great to work with!
  9. I bought the exact same bag from Joanna a couple of months back. Read your post and went to check my bag because I think I never really did notice it!

    Yep.. My tag has the milano word looking like yours too.. I don't know if it makes you feel any better but even the crest thing at the bottom looks a teeny bit different. As if like it got stamped with less gold ink.

    Well.. Seriously I've never noticed it till you posted. I don't think I would bother with an exchange even if I saw it earlier. Especially now that I see both our bags interior. How would you know if the replacement would be any better than this one? But then that's just me...

    So.. Agree with the rest of the gals..Enjoy your bag! :smile:
  10. OIC.
    Of course I trust dear Joanna and never doubt about her. This is something beyond her controls and she is a SA not a QC.
    I do not own many designer bags so I tot that a designer bag has better QC even come to a small printing/stamping tag. And I also tot that only the best quality items sold in a boutique and the slightly imperfect went to the outlets. Do not get me wrong, I'm not asking her for outlet price. If I want a budget item, I will approach the outlets not the boutiques.

    I have a question.......e.g. few years later, I'm going to sell this bag @ the ebay, will u bid on this bag after u saw the tag even I claim it is 100% authentic???

    Btw, thanks for all the opinions. :smile:

  11. Oh Francis, I have no idea about the tag too bcos I'm so busy drooling on my black beauty with silly smile :drool:
    While I'm still drooling with my girlfriends, one of them shouted "I can't see your M" and I was like "What M"??? :confused1:
    Oh, and everything went 'haywire' from the girls :lecture:
  12. #12 Feb 13, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2010
    Your girlfriends are just jealous. Trying to rain on your parade. :true:

    There's a lot more to what makes a bag authentic on eBay than just the inside label. Admittedly, I know more than the average eBayer about Prada bags, but I'd know by other hallmarks that it's authentic.
  13. This PI**SES me off....I have heard VERY few quality issues w/ Prada...w/ the exception of some leathers that they have used in past seasonsestablished that they ..I hope they don't start cutting corners and getting sloppy..imo this is one of the last designers that is left that still pays attention to detail..ugh! Radar up!!!
  14. ^^^Let's get real here. That picture is magnified 100000 times over what the naked eye would see it. I don't know about you guys, but I don't keep a 50x magnifier with me when I use my bags. Yes it's sloppy, but honestly, is it worth the fuss?
  15. ISE~ I agree with you! Too many people make too much out of small things. If you LOVE the bag and you know without certain (which this case you do) that it is authentic, I say keep it. I never sweat the small stuff when I know it is authentic. No bag is perfect....they are manmade!