Help! Is this normal for a brand new flap?

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  1. i just bought from the Chanel boutique a m/l black caviar flap with gold hardware and I noticed the inside top snap button has the Chanel Paris words misaligned. I compared it to my four other medium caviar flaps and it’s the only one where this happened. Does everyone else’s look like this? Should I keep or exchange the bag? TIA

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  2. It's never occurred tome to look for that or that what I'm seeing isn't correct. I'm not sure if I know what's wrong with it ?
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  3. Hi. All my medium classic flaps the snap button has the Chanel on top and Paris on the bottom. My new black with gold hardware has the words sideways instead of top and bottom. I’m hoping I’m making sense?
  4. Ok I understand now. I’ve just never looked at any of mine. It doesn’t affect the wear/quality/appearance, wouldn’t bother me at all.
  5. Ok thanks! I feel much better now!
  6. The one on my m/l flap isn’t perfectly aligned either, if that helps.
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  7. It does help, thanks!
  8. One of my seasonal flaps has that "issue". It bothered me at first but after a while, I was just like "whatever". lol.
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