Help!!! is this marron?

  1. Hi, is this marron? does it look faded to you? handles are so dark. any input would be much appreciated! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
    Diana Chan.jpg
  2. it looks like marron to me. doesn't look faded.

    can they send you more pics to be sure?
  3. the other pictures are similar to this, looks like marron but she described it as 05 and color of wine, which made me feel it may be bordeaux. thanks chigirl!
  4. Could it be the '05 chocolate (marron)? The other marron is from '04. It looks too brown to be bordeaux... :shrugs:
  5. i think it's 04 marron, but just need confirmation. the seller does not know the name or the year.
  6. it doesn't look like '05 although i have an '05 that photographs kind of reddish. it could be but it looks more like '04 marron.

    can't she just tell you what letter is on the tag?

    i have bordeaux too and it doesn't look like that to me.

    i am not positive though.
  7. Oh, I thought the seller described it as 05. It's probably the '04 marron then. But ask the seller for the letter on the tag to know for sure. The tassels look like they are tied the way they were on older bbags. Why are the front tassels so short? Were they cut?
  8. excuse my ignorance, but what should the tag/letter say for marron?
  9. N0568B 115748

    help ladies. how do you tell if this is 04 marron based on the tag number/ thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!:flowers::flowers::flowers:

  10. oh, i think the B is 2004!!!!!
  11. ^yep, F/W 2004
  12. yes, it's the 04 marron. It doesn't look faded although the handles look a bit dark.
  13. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous!:drool:
  14. i just took a risk and bought it!!!!! i know the handles are dark and the corners are slightly it for $800 U.S. but then after all the international shipping, bank wire charges, etc. it comes out to $875 or so. i'm scared, but hope it works out ok in the end. it's hard to buy bags without seeing them in person, especially used ones.