HELP, is this fake?

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  1. Hi,
    Hope you can help me. Just bought this bag from a private seller which has bought the bag on And iam unsure the bag is autentic? Can you please help me. I got the receipt from it looks very real, but iam not sure about the fabric inside the bag. The serial number is: 2051431. Really hope you can help me. Thanks :smile:

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  2. Looks fine to me
  3. my black Alexa also has plain fabric inside the body of the bag and thick suede/back side of leather on the flap.
  4. Thanks, just wasn't sure about the textile inside the bag. cause I thought there should be logo printed in the textile :smile:
  5. Great, then I'am more relaxed :smile: Thank you so much.
  6. I have 3 Alexas, in different colours and sizes, will check all and let you know, but I am 100% sure they do have different fabric lining
  7. found photo of my black Alexa in my laptop, it does have a tree on the fabric... will check other 2 when I get home
    but my inner logo is different, too... if your bag is of a recent collection it will not necessarily be coming with the same fabric lining

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  8. Hi, I have checked mine, all three have fabric lining with tree logo
  9. Hi Elvis, thank you for that, was too quick off the mark! :smile:
  10. If it makes you feel any better until you get it authenticated, I've made 2 purchases from Fashionette (same bag but different colours) I had one of them authenticated on the Bal threads and it was perfectly fine and authentic

    I am sure you will be fine - good luck and enjoy carrying
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.