Help~Is this defect!? Should i return/exchange?

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  1. :crybaby:BF finally let me have a peek of the Precious Symbols tote i've been dying for, to my horror, the lame excuse i used came true-need to make sure the tote is in good condition before we past the return/exchange period.
    It's my first new Chanel(....the First one was a pre loved Cambon Wallet), so i am not sure if this is normal to have some brown glue mark!? The reason I am NOT happy w/this purchase is b/c when the Dallas Highland SA contacted me and:
    1. I asked her to have the tote infront of her and describe-to make sure it's the right one.
    2. At first she refused by replying :the computer show it's in the store, after i firmly request again, "fine, i will just have to DIG IT OUT of storage":wtf:
    3. She should've discover the marks and the crushed shape when for sure, she have the tote right infront of her! How can she missed to inform me??
    4. It's stamped Final Sale, but since SA didn't inform me about the condition of tote, the store manager is nice enough to do a refund, but i have to pay S&H even it's not my fault, or he can locate another one for me.....
    ....Even Coach will consider this condition as irregular :cursing:

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  2. Is anyone else on this forum starting to notice a pattern with the quality of some Chanel bags? This is really unacceptable. We know that Chanel will take it back and probably destroy it... but that's not the point. The customer should get quality items every single time.

    I wonder if you can clean the glue off, yourself? I might do that, if I really loved the bag...
  3. nope, it's like the canvas soaked it inside the fibers.....GRR i am going to take this to Saks's Chanel and ask for their help....even i don't like how they ignore pp based outfits.... :'(
  4. omg... this is not the first thread questioning the quality of Chanel.. very disappointing!!
  5. i asume it's glue, b/c it's in the seams too! some are more visible than others. also the dust bag have some white lines stiched in, the paper box is damaged as well-torns @ openings, crushed at corners.

    but it's so boxy! i am kind of glad that it's a defect(IMO), b/c the straps don't stay on my narrow shoulder, so it gave me a chance to think it about it twice. sigh :'(
  6. anyone?
  7. Sounds like what you want to do is return it for a full refund.
  8. I saw this bag at the Chanel store in Tyson's Galleria in VA. I would call them and see if it is possible to exchange it. Good Luck.
  9. What a bummer...that glue mark is horrible. BTW I don't think you should have to pay shipping. Fight for it because some companies will try to get away with as much as possible. Good luck!!!
  10. If you charged the bag, just call your credit card company and dispute the shipping charges. They will investigate and usually they will resolve it for you.
  11. Wow
    I Wonder What Is Going On..
    Get A Full Refund !!! Get Another Bag With No Flaws...if Something Ever Happened And You Had To Return- They Would Surely Point Out That Defect ..
    Spend All That Money Get A Perfect Bag...
  12. Get a refund! Ugh...this is really disappointing.
  13. yup, going to send it back for sure, but should i dispute the return S&H w/Chanel, or w/the cc company?
  14. ohhh so sorry to hear this! The SA acted in a way that is unprofessional and not at all representative of a Chanel product (although I too think they have gone a bit downhill, overall, in excellency of craftsmanship can cite probably 5-6 examples in shoes and bags). I have this bag and love it, and find you can put an enormous amount in it although it is medium/small because it easily expands. If you want to give it another try, they have (besides the others available that ladies here have mentioned) one left at the NM in Boca Town Center, and also at the Chanel boutique on Worth Ave. in Palm Beach, but the camellia and the no. 5 on both of these bags are in tan patent, not black, still adorable...........definitely dispute the shipping being in a restuarant and having to pay for a new fork if the one you've been using tastes tinny. Ugh
  15. oooh, can u carry it on ur shoulder? I have narrow shoulder so was having a bit of difficulity to have it stay put:crybaby: I really don't want to give up this tote b/c it's so unique, i love the youth vibe of the tote and the feets, and since lovely BF is out searching another black tote for work....this can be a lovely one for weekends.....:P
    So i just finished calling the Chanel store that send me the tote, the manager said i have to pay for the return s&h b/c there's no way they can reimburse my money (even i paid w/AMEX??), he will help me locate another one in black, but i still have to pay for the s&h on the new one:cursing: