HELP!!!is this classic or trendy?

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  1. i've been waiting for this Metallic crackled calfskin flap bag adorned with cut-out Chanel signature for months...and the SA called my today it has arr and waiting for me in the boutique...but now i am a bit u guys think this is classic or trendy??? all comments are appreciated!!! TIA

    here is the photo from TPFer seahorseinstripes...sorry if its not allowed...:P

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  2. It's trendy, imo. It's interesting but also glitzy, which seems to be the way Chanel is going of late with the heavy influx of metallic only reissues, the patents. I would have rather they kept the star flap in production, but that's just me.
  3. I love this. I would say it's a classic piece. :tup:
    It got everythings:
    Classic flap style + woven chain + CC symbol + Gold & Silver (leather?!)

    Can't wait to see your modeling photos!
  4. I think it's both :s
    The shape is obviously classic and I think the cut outs aren't really even all that trendy.
    And although I think metallics are always in I think they're always in as long as they aren't too blingy.
    This bag is pretty blingy so IMO it'll come in and back out and back in and back out. . . .

    I like it, it's fun!
  5. i agree wiht it's both
    it's trendy for now, but def. would be a classic in the future :smile:
  6. I like it, but IMO it is trendy. My biggest concern would be how it would hold up over time, with all those different CCs stuck on and the metallic effect, which is more susceptible to rubbing.
  7. I agree with the other ladies. It's both trendy and classic. Love the color.
  8. i think this will always be in for nightime functions.
  9. I think it would always be a classic at night but I would be concerned if it could hold up with time.. what are the cutouts made out of ?
  10. The style is classic, but the color makes it trendy.
  11. I think it's both. It'll look stylish with jeans or classy for night-time functions.
  12. i also think it can go both ways. it's looks really fancy, tho', so i would probably only wear for night time events.
  13. This is a very trendy bag!
    But I LOVE it!!!
  14. Metallics are trendy IMO.
  15. i think trendy