help! is this Chloe authentic?

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  1. Hi!

    I need to know is this Chloe authetic. I have 3 authentic Chloe paddinton from 2005, this looks different from them. Leather is not soft and shape is different. Otherwise lock and hardware look ok.
    Is this whiskey color? the tag says Ecureil
    DSC05700.JPG DSC05683.JPG DSC05685.JPG DSC05690.JPG DSC05706.JPG
  2. hey
    can you tell me what bag this is?:shrugs:
    i saw it on a ebay-similar online-auction-site....

    is it a chloe? does anybody have a picture of the real one? (as this one seems to be a replica) ???

    i do really like the horseshoe and the horse on it....

    please help
  3. That's the Chloe Kerala but it doesn't look authentic to me....
  4. all Questions As To Authenticity Are To Be Posted In The Authenticate This Chloe Sticky In The Chloe Shopping Subforum!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.