Help... Is this Chanel PNY too big on me???

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  1. This is the Scarlett Johansen style aged calfskin PNY line bag. It is dark white distressed leather in person. Anyway, I am tall 5'9 and thin, do you all think it is too big on me? I like a big bag, but in white I'm unsure... Help!:s :shrugs:
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  2. If you're comfortable with it, I say rock it. However, I think the zipped portions makes it a little too big for you. If that zipped portion wasn't there I wouldn't think it was too big.
  3. I love that bag and think it looks fine on you! Would you feel confident carrying it? That's the most important question.
  4. I think it looks great on you!:yes:
    It's a big bag, that's part of it's charm!
  5. I think it looks pretty on you. But I agree with elongreach + roey. :yes: If you feel confident wearing it + you love the bag, then you should keep it. But if you won't feel comfortable wearing it, might as well get something you will wear proudly and LOVE! I had similar worries about my Coco Cabas leather tote. And mostly everyone said it looked great, but I knew I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it so I returned it, even though I really loved the style.
  6. Yeah, I feel the same way about the Cabas Coco. It is beautiful depending on the person, but I wouldn't be able to carry it off since I'm so thin. I think I would be fine with this in a darker color, like the Burgundy or black, but I did want a white with silver... So confused.
  7. its stunning on you. the color, the style.
    it is a tiny bit big but since big bags are in- I think its perfect!
  8. It looks great on you and as long as you feel comfortable with it, I say carry it in style. It is truly a gorgeous bag and very hard to find! Congrats!!
  9. Thats hot!!
  10. I think it's a gorgeous bag and looks wonderful on you. I have it in black and love it! I really don't think of it as a really BIG bag compared to so many of the giant bags that are so instyle this season. It's a great bag and wonderful to travel with also but, you have to be comfortable and feel good about it!
  11. It's not too big - you have the height to rock it!
  12. Do you have a pic of you wearing yours for reference?
  13. you ROCK that bag! The size looks good on you. I don't find it too big. Alot of petit celebs carry this bag and they look awesome!
  14. It does look a bit big. But I'm not so much a big purse person and it is personal preference. It's a GORGEOUS bag, seriously GORGEOUS
  15. I love it! The only thing better than a Chanel bag is a GREAT BIG CHANEL BAG!
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